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Canada R.I.P. 1867-2011

The far right has obtained absolute power in Canada. Stephen Harper will remain Prime Minister but will be able to implement a full dictatorship and finish the job he is paid to do. It is the end of Canada both as a sovereign country and also as a tolerant social and liberal democratic state.

Fuck You Very Much Ontario

By no means do I want to indulge in immature and infantile "I told you so" routines. However, I predicted correctly that Harper would sweep Ontario. Sure enough, Harper picked up half the seats in Toronto. Thanks to newly installed fascist Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, the Liberal Party was demolished in Toronto. I must refrain from expressing my absolute disgust and hatred for that wretched city. Still, it is time to call a spade a spade. For more than 40 years Toronto pretended to be a tolerant, liberal and open minded city. Of course, most Canadians or those that have lived elsewhere in Canada long enough were long aware that Toronto was the shit hole of Canada. Toronto has long been a right wing, conservative and reactionary city. Anyone from Montreal or the Province of Quebec is aware of this as soon as they arrive in the city.

Southern Ontario, the most populous part of Canada gave Harper his majority government. Of course these are the same people that voted for far right wing Ontario Premier Mike Harris twice during the 1990s. Ontario is the the 51st state of the US. Outside of the USA, there is no part of the world which is a carbon copy of the USA as Ontario. The architecture, the shopping malls, the highways, the atmosphere of Ontario is no different than that of Ohio and Michigan. A Quebecois woman I knew ten years ago has been vindicated when she stated that Ontario is the conduit for the Americanisation and the fascist takeover of Canada. I can safely speak for Montreal, Quebec and the rest of the civilised non capitalistically degenerated world by saying Fuck You Very Much to Ontario.

The End of Quebec Separatism

Once again, my prediction about the end of separatism has come true. The Bloc Quebecois is done. In the words of Maggie Thatcher. "It is an ex party." The Bloc Quebecois has gone the way of the Progressive-Conservative Party of Canada. With 4 seats left and the party leader defeated for his seat, it is lights out for separatism.

Jack Layton As Fascist Enabler

As I warned back in 2006, the strategy of NDP leader Jack Layton to overtake the Liberal Party as the second party would lead to and enable a fascist takeover of Canada. Of course, I was denounced and dismissed as a cynic or even worse as an apologist for the Liberal capitalism. However, let us revisit what I had wrote exactly so there is no misunderstanding:

"Layton wants to be Tony Blair. He has moved the NDP to the right. His political strategy is to annihilate the Liberals in the centre left and move the NDP to the centre. For some mysterious reason, the NDP have given free passes to the Conservatives and until this week, had their guns exclusively on the Liberals. This week, Layton is now attacking the Bloc Québécois.Layton booted, fumbled, stumbled and fell on his ass. The NDP does not hold the balance of power, neither has it opposed Harper at all. In the House of Commons, his caucus spends Question Period attacking the official opposition Liberals rather than the Conservative Government. Instead of having a political spectrum polarized by the left and the centre, Layton wants the spectrum to be between the centre and the far right. In other words, instead of the NDP and Liberals exclusively vying for seats in English Canada, Layton wants to have it between NDP and Conservatives. What an ass he is!This is what had happened in Nova Scotia. The NDP wiped out the Liberals. The NDP went soft on the Progressive Conservatives. Now Nova Scotia will have a permanent conservative minority government. The NDP is an exclusively urban party that has left the rural ridings of Nova Scotia to the conservatives. The NDP will never for a government in Nova Scotia.This is being replicated federally with the NDP hell bent on destroying the Liberals. If they continue to do so, they will be complicit in allowing a right wing permanent government to take over Canada" (Emphasis added).

OK, I was wrong about Nova Scotia, the NDP managed to gain power in Nova Scotia barely. However, my  federal political prediction came true.
It is time to get nasty and personal. The end of the world´s greatest Liberal Democracy is not something that happens every day. It is necessary to take off the gloves and get into it. The radical Left in Canada played big role in the fascist takeover of Canada. There are particular people that always believed that the NDP were further to the left than the Liberals. It became fashionable for people to be anti Liberal and pro NDP. Groups such as the International Socialists exhorted readers to vote with their class for the NDP. Worse were the irresponsible assertions that the Liberals were the same as the Conservative Reform Alliance Party (CRAP). This was based on superficial understanding of politics and ignorance of political history. Now while it was true that there were only tactical differences between the old Progressive-Conservatives and the Liberals, there is and was a major ideological and political difference between the Liberal Party and CRAP. Capitalistically degenerated so-called "anti-captialistists" misplaced political philosophy with political religion. Though not as extreme as the KPD in Germany during the late 20s and early 30s who accused the SPD of being "Social Fascists", many anarchists, socialists and the menagerie of anti-capitalists said that there wasn´t any difference between the Liberals and CRAP. Therefore it is best to let the Liberals die and have the NDP and the far right compete for power.

Hurrah! The Social Democrats have overtaken the Liberals! Layton is the leader of the official opposition but he will be powerless. Nice one! The far right fascists now have absolute power which they will not not surrender. That´s progress! Way to go anti-capitalist Canadians! Brilliant! Bravo! Sie haben gut gemacht! 
The Reactionary Immigrant Social Base of the Far Right

One thing that has puzzled and perplexed Europeans I have spoken to about the fascist takeover of Canada is how it was enabled by hundreds of thousands of non-white immigrants from South and East Asia. Yes indeed, it was mostly the right wing immigrants from India and China which enabled the far right to take over Canada. Granted, this is not politically correct to analyse but both the CRAP and the media have admitted it. My analyse will bring things into focus.
First we have to investigate the social layers of where these "new Canadians" are from. Most of the Indians that have migrated to Canada have two distinct characteristics. First they overwhelmingly petit-bourgeois ala "Slum Dog Millionaire." As I have mentioned countless times on this blog, the petit-bourgeoisie is the class of fascism. The reason why they happen to be from that class is that Canada`s immigration system for the most part only allows either the bourgeoisie or the petit bourgeoisie into the country. The working class and poor of the world are not allowed into Canada. Logically this takes us to the next level. Many of the petit-bourgeois immigrants are members or supporters of right wing Hindu and Shiek nationalists and fundamental extremists. Many of them have actually fled to Canada as fugitives from India. Over the past 5 years, the Harper government made a special effort to bring this social layer into Canada not only to give them a safe haven but most importantly to build the fascist social base in Canada. 
After South Asians the Chinese immigrants are the biggest supporters of Canadian fascism. Many of them are members of the new super rich elite that has emerged in China over the past 20 years. Though officially they are the Chinese bourgeoisie economically, socially they are petit bourgeois as well. What unites all these immigrant groups behind Canadian Fascism is that they expect to get rich and they expect to be able to leverage their money and influence back in their home countries in order to set up either Hindu, Shiek or Communist Party of China dictatorship. Moreover, many of them do not agree with Western social liberal values such as woman`s equality or the right of homosexuals to have sex with whom they wish. They wish to outlaw homosexuality and reduce women to the property of men without any social, legal or political rights. This squares perfectly with Harper`s right wing Christian evangelical Western Canadian social base.

Lights Out For the Liberals
The Liberal Party was the world´s most successful political party of any liberal democracy, Apart from the one party dictatorships of the Stalinist and fascist regimes, no other party in the history of the world had ruled for as many years as the Liberal Party of Canada. In the decades following the second world war, politicians and political strategists from both the conservative and social democratic parties had travelled to Canada to investigate the remarkable power of the Liberal Party. How could it be that a party could run a single country so long but still maintain a liberal democracy? The answer of course is that the Liberal Party was the party of Liberal Democracy. The fall of the Liberal Party had repercussions way beyond Canada. The fall of the Liberal Party of Canada signifies the end of Liberal Democracy as we know.
Granted, neither Michael Ignatieff nor Paul Martin deserved to be Prime Minister but nevertheless they still represented the values of a liberal democracy or has it is said in German Rechtsstaat. 

The Future Of Canada
Well there is no future of Canada. Canada is finished. It will be absorbed into the US as the northern province of the the North American Security perimeter. Canada will turn into a totalitarian police state just as Toronto was last June for the G20 summit. All dissent will be brutally crushed. Children under the age of 16 will be tried as adults and placed in prisons with adults. The national security state of electronic surveillance and cameras will be implemented. Abortion and reproductive rights will come under attack and be curtailed. Expect Harper to introduce a law to outlaw abortion all together or allow it under very limited circumstances. Should the Supreme Court strike down the law, Harper can exercise the Notwithstanding Clause to over rule the courts. (The only reason why Pierre Trudeau accepted the Notwithstanding Clause in the first place was due to the insistence of the right wing premier of Ontario. Fuck you very much a second time Ontario!) Workers will find their rights curtailed. The right to strike will be outlawed. Unions will come under attack and made illegal. The civil service in Ottawa will see a blood bath as thousands of jobs will be eliminated. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation have its funding revoked. Socialised health care will be abolished. Last but not least, Rupert Murdoch will be allowed into Canada capping his media dictatorship over the entire advanced Anglo-Saxon world. Canada is the last country which his News Corporation empire is locked out of. Except to see Fox News Canada and new tabloid propaganda newspapers will implement Thought Control, breed ignorance, dump the the population and advance capitalist disintegration in Canada.

I could go on and on but I think the point is clear. To those people in Europe that think that the end of liberal democracy in Canada won`t affect them, think again. For those that want to accuse me of exaggerating or overstating the case, I recommend that you read the previous articles about Canada and most importantly The Fall of New York.

It has been 14 years since the implementation of the fascist dictatorship in New York. My track record after 14 years is pretty good. I haven't got it all right but I have a score of over 90%. I have done everything in my power to warn people in New York, USA and Canada about what was coming. Few believed me. To this day, there are many people that simply don`t care. They will most likely say: "I don`t care what is happening in Canada or the USA."
Even those in Europe refuse to care about what is happening to their fellow citizens.  After all, genocide is currently being committed against the Roma/Gypsies all across Europe. The situation of the Roma today is exactly like that of the Jews back in the 1930s. Then as now, the attitude is as follows: "There is nothing that can be done about it. I am just going to focus on my life and career." Sure, until the the terror state comes to them and they will discover that they have been turned into slaves when they thought they were going to have a career, they will aid and abet the destruction of the world.
Make no mistake. The election results in Canada represent not only the end of liberal democracy but the death knell of the Enlightenment and all the social, human, political and civil rights fought and obtained over the past 200 years. 
What a dark moment it is in the history of humankind.

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