Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Alex Jones Is Full Of Crap

Editor's note: Once again right wing reactionary gas bag Alex Jones has been exposed as a liar and fraud. Jones is nothing less than a disinformation agent peddling fear, conspiracy and paranoia to mostly ignorant Americans and other nationalities. The following article was posted by the organisers of the Alternative Press Centre in St. Moritz, Switzerland during this month's Bilderberger conference. 
From Alles Schall und Rauch
I just can not let the lies that Alex Jones reported about the Bilderberg-Meeting in St. Moritz stay unchallenged. I am writing this in English so that everybody in the States and elsewhere knows what really happened. The bull crap that this guy has been turning out is just staggering. What he reported must be from a different planet because it has nothing to do with the reality here in Switzerland. 

I know what I am talking about because I organized the “Alternative News Press Centre” we set up in St. Moritz on our own turf and all the information came to us and was distributed there by bloggers to their respective web sites. Alternative media and bloggers from Switzerland, Germany, England, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Romania, Spain, Sweden and USA were in our press centre working together and sharing information. 

We had over 50 reporters covering every angle of the Bilderberg meeting and had the whole place surrounded. We really knew what was going on and prepared this first ever press centre for the alternative media for months and offered its resources to all colleagues from outside the country for FREE as our guests!!! For instance Mark Anderson form American Free Press worked the whole week with us in our press centre.

We knew Bilderberg was meeting in Switzerland long before Tucker did back in January, scouted the place out since weeks and where there from Monday on, three days before the start. All the TV-crews, radio reporters and press people form the mainstream media came to us for information and did interviews with us and their reports where broadcast and published all over Switzerland and around the world. 

What did Jones have? Only two guys running around helplessly on foot who arrived on Thursday and knew nothing, could not speak the language and just picked up the news that somebody told them second hand and then they sold it as if it where their own discovery. They did not have a car and were dependent on others to hitch a ride. Then they invented and blew up stories to incredible size. Talk about creating a mountain out of a molehill ... it’s the f..ing Mt. Everest!!! 

Then these guys had absolutely no manners, they just barged into our press centre aggressively and demanded everything, they want this and need that pronto, typical rude arrogant Americans, who did not introduced themselves who they are, nor said hello or goodbye and certainly no thank you for the service of uploading to the Internet we gave them.

Now let’s look at Alex Jones bullshit story, "Male Prostitutes Service Bilderberg Members at Elite Summit?" That really blows the scale of the crap-o-meter! This headline with a question mark is a total fake. There was never a gay party with the Bilderbergers and no callboys flown in by helicopter what he claims.

I had 10 reporters around the Paradiso Mountain Restaurant covering the place. Nobody from Jones was there because they came to late and therefore know nothing. We knew already on Tuesday the Bilderbergers will go there for their excursion because the major of St. Moritz said it and he said the road would be closed to all traffic. Therefore, we were prepared and went up early. Anybody who knew the Bilderbergers were going to the Paradiso knew it from me because I told them. We even displayed a protest sign at the Paradiso.

To imply that there was some gay activity going on Saturday afternoon there and the callboys where flown in by helicopter is so ridiculous it blows the mind. A complete hysterical fabrication typical for Alex Jones. 

The real story is, the Bilderbergers were taken up by buses accompanied by a load of security people. They were greeted by a group playing Alp-horns at the Paradiso. Then they were given a plate of local food with bread, cheese, smoked ham and wine. During the gathering on the terrace with a spectacular view over the Alps enjoying the food, a folklore group played music and singers dressed traditionally presented alpine songs. That’s all there was.

This took less then one hour while the Bilderbergs were engaged in intensive discussions. After that, most of them hiked down the mountain and thru the forest back to the Suvretta hotel accompanied by security. Shortly before reaching the hotel, a group of activists discovered them walking along the road and they confronted them before disappearing behind the security perimeter. 

We have photos and video footage of this whole excursion trip because they were under our constant surveillance. That's what really happened and what Alex Jones and his kindergarten kids reported is a complete lie. The fools he send to Switzerland did not talk to any "inside source"; they just fell for a story teller like suckers who told them fairy tails they wanted to hear to get a free drink. You people are the laughing stock of everybody over here.

We informed the producer of Alex Jones on Sunday the 12th of June about the fact, their gay-story is wrong, no such thing happened, but they left it on their web site knowingly its a fake.

The other complete lie was the story "Exclusive: Unnamed Bilderberg Attendees Revealed" claiming Anders Rasmussen, Angela Merkel, Jose Luis Zapatero, Bill Gates and Robert Gates were secretly there. Also a fabrication with not a single proof for this. On the contrary, Bill Gates was in China on Saturday the 11th of June, he gave appress conference in Beijing ress conference in Beijing to promote public health and a smoke free environment. Not even the Bilderbergers can be at two places at the same time and that kills the claim by Alex Jones.

Then this story "Bombshell: Swiss Parliamentarians to Force Way Into Bilderberg". A complete exaggeration. Only one Member of Parliament Dominic Baettig and myself went on Friday night to the police checkpoint and asked to speak to the chief of security, that’s all. We did not force our way into the Bilderberg-Meeting and there where no Canton leaders present as he boasted. 

Alex Jones is a complete ignorant and knows nothing about Switzerland. He claimed the Member of Parliament Pirmin Schwander is the "the President of neutral Switzerland". Then he said Lukas Reimann is "one of the Swiss government leaders". They are none of that and it is a false claim. And then he shows the letter of Domenic Baettig and states its written in Swiss-German. What a laugh. There is no written language called Swiss-German. That’s the same stupidity like claiming there is a written language called Texan.

Then the story: “Swiss Politicians To March On Bilderberg Meeting, Demand Arrest Of Kissinger” No politicians marched and there is no such thing as an arrest warrant against Henry Kissinger. He is only wanted for questioning by a Spanish judge. That's a huge difference. Kissinger has evaded legal summons by investigators in France, Chile and Argentina seeking to question him regarding his role in the disappearances of numerous citizens of the US and other nations, in regard to his involvement. Also here Alex Jones distorts the facts and over blows it.

Some of the mainstream media in Switzerland have already used this false information spread by Alex Jones to discredit all of us. They are saying, look ... all of these conspiracy nuts can't even get their facts straight and tell lies, they can't be taken serious. Thanks a lot!

Therefore, Alex Jones, stop spewing out a lot of bullshit crap and conspiracy boulevard. You and your crew knew nothing what happened in St. Moritz and therefore had to invent things out of thin air or concoct stories from baseless rumours and hearsay or just exaggerate extremely. You have been exposed now what you really are, … full of shit! What you are doing is spreading lies, trash news and sensationalism. 

And by the way, just to prove my case, I have the only photos that show Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller standing side by side in St. Moritz talking to each other. So up yours!

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