Friday, August 19, 2011

New York City Mayor and Police Prepare For The Final Solution

The following are excerpts taken from an article in today's edition of WSWS, entitled: In wake of British riots, New York police prepare for unrest. The sections with quotation marks in italics are from the article. Between them are my comments.

"New York police anti-riot units assembled last week at a training facility on Randall’s Island to prepare for an outbreak of civil unrest similar to those that have occurred recently in Britain.

The August 12 “mobilization exercises” brought together police from all five of the city’s boroughs, including specialized units such as mounted police and aviation."

August 12 was the day before Millions March In Harlem event. Clearly Mayor Bloomberg and his Police Commissioner were preparing for a bloodbath. If sabotage didn't work, they were going to use lethal force. In any event, the capitalist class prevailed on August 13.

"The riot training was held just days after the New York City Police Department (NYPD) announced the formation of a new “juvenile justice unit,” which is to include detachments of cops assigned to troll Internet social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in search of any indication of impending disturbances."

Again, we now see social media for what it is. It's no longer "paranoia" about them being tools of State control and repression. It's a fact. Anyone that advocates or promotes the use of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are either wilfully blind or are agents of the Thought Police.

"If it were a country, New York City would be one of the most unequal in the world, ranking between Chile and Honduras."

Exactly! New York is a Third World dictatorship. It's become the Pinochet neo-liberal fascist state acting like the coup thugs in Honduras. Meaning that....

"On July 28, dozens of police attacked a group of Uruguayan football fans in the Jackson Heights section of Queens, who were celebrating their national team’s victory in the Copa America. Police responded to the peaceful crowd with random arrests, clubbings and the ripping down of Uruguay flags. A number of people were injured in the police action, including young girl whose leg was broken as cops pushed back the crowd.

And on June 28, police broke up an album-release party organized by the rap group Smif-N-Wessun at a night club on the Lower East Side, severely beating and arresting a number of those in attendance."

The financial oligarchy is marching on the ultimate offensive. Having derailed a potential revolutionary march by Blacks in Harlem, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is preparing for the Final Solution. New Yorkers must prepare themselves for the war which will erupt in the coming days.

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