Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Age of Revolution

The world has crossed the threshold into an era of revolutionary struggle. The belated entry of the American masses into the struggle against totalitarian capitalism is a most promising and welcoming development. While we are in the embryonic stage of global revolution, there's much political confusion which predominates. We have seen the CIA through Otpor infiltrate Occupy Wall Street protests. We have seen discredited "anti capitalist" figures such as Slavoj Ziezk, Naomi Klein, Michael Moore and others attempt to direct the protest movement to reformist and counter-revolutionary directions.

In Europe, Greece is experiencing a historic insurrection and revolution. The Italians have had it with Berlusconi. Even complacent and lazy Vienna is part of the global social revolution taking shape. At the end of summer, the streets of London erupted in the greatest civil unrest since the Poll Tax protest of 1990.
In South America, the revolution spreads. In Chile, the students are involved in a bitter and bloody struggle against the State. In Boliva, Evo Morales has been discredited before the masses with his government's crackdown on indigenous people protesting and preventing the building of a highway through the rain forest.
In Asia, China is in a state of permanent insurrection as the contradictions of so-called "communism" exploits workers in the most extreme and degrading manner. Japan is facing its greatest crisis since the Second World War. The Fukushima Nuclear incident remains the the greatest industrial and man-made disaster in history. The entire Japanese political establishment and ruling elite are discredited before the entire nation.

One of the common denominators of the current age of revolution is the complete discrediting of the entire social, political and economic system. Only 15% of Americans believe their government works for their interests. A whopping 56% of Americans believe that the US Government is their greatest enemy and a danger to their personal liberty and livelihood. These numbers are staggering alone. In other words, the entire political and social system has lost legitimacy with more than 3/5 of the population. This situation is untenable. No government, no system can survive when so many people no longer see it as legitimate.

Naturally, the controlled media (the distinction between corporate and "alternative" media no longer exists. Democracy Now, Free Speech TV, Pacifica, The Nation peddle propaganda and capitalism just as much as the corporate media.) becomes more brazen and reckless in pushing propaganda. The lies become more transparent. The twists and distortions of logic become more extreme. The fear of the capitalist ruling class is palpable and for good reason. The capitalists are quickly losing control of the situation. Their material and existential position increasing imperilled.

As Duci Simonovic states, humanity is in the final stage of a mortal combat against totalitarian capitalism. The ruling class understands this quite well. However, the masses in opposition are not as of yet cognisant of the gravity of the situation. The masses are by and large demanding reforms. They are trying to preserve or "save democracy". As I pointed out with the election of the far right in Canada last May, Liberal Democracy is dead. We are long past the age of reformism. Why? Mostly because the capitalists have decided not only to concede any more reforms but are in the process of dismantling every reform won since the great revolutions at the end of the 18th Century. The capitalists are determined, in the words of David Byrne, to "turn us into merchandise". They no longer see us as human beings. That is actually incorrect. They see us as human beings but have reduced the status of human beings to that of not only cattle or even insects, but rather as inanimate objects and abstract figures reduced to dollars and cents, pounds and pence.
It's a fatal error to think that we can ask this capitalistically degenerated "beings" to be nicer, to be fairer, to be kinder. The fact that many people are still asking, begging and pleading reveals that the masses remain thoroughly unaware of the political fight they are in. In the USA for example, the most common sentiment of the protesters is the need for a "third party". That people are even asking or demanding a "third party" reveals the utter lack of awareness of the global political situation. Most countries in Europe are multiparty democracies. Until May of this year, Canada had 5 parties. Germany and Austria also have 5 parties. However, all the political parties are in agreement to maintain and expand totalitarian capitalism! There's no difference between Labour, Tory, Liberal, Catholic, Socialist, Social Democrat, Communist and Green parties just as there is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans. A third party is no solution to our present woes.

The only solution is REVOLUTION. That so many people are still asking rather than demanding reveals a rather limited and short sighted political perspective. The entire structure of the world must be overthrown, destroyed, and buried. This leads to the most pressing question. What will replace totalitarian capitalism? At this point, most don't know. If they do know, there are disagreements among the protesters. This leads to confusion and disorientation. Anarchists disagree with Marxists. The countless Trotskyite tendencies are feuding with each other. There are disagreements and lack of mutual understanding when it comes to war and genocide. Many support the State of Israel and the NATO genocide of Libya. This is expressed most grotesquely by the US Marine who exhorted the NYPD terrorise the populations of Iraq and Afghanistan rather than "unarmed Americans". In Austria most of the more radical and informed social layers refuse to call the acts of Israel against the Palestinians genocide.

There is a silver lining. Struggle is the best political education. Very soon, someone in North America will get killed by the State. The level of repression, including sadistic forms of torture, will sharply escalate. Sooner or later,  the masses will have clarity and awareness. Still, the question remains is how prepared the masses are for the unleashing of savage repression and violence. The question of the use of violence is a distraction. The State representing the class of totalitarian capitalism is well prepared and ready to drown any revolt and opposition in blood. The masses had better prepare themselves for this. The good news is that by the middle of 2012, all illusions about reforming the system will have evaporated into thin air.
The future is here. We face three choices: Enslavement, Death or Liberation. It's as simple as that.
-Der Kosmonaut
20 October 2011
Vienna, Austria

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