Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Lynching of Muammar Gaddafi

I wish to extended my most heartfelt condolences to the surviving family members of Muammar Gaddafi. I also wish to extend my public solidarity for his extended family where ever they are. It appears that the Western imperialists are determined to kill every surviving member of the Gaddafi clan including those that are still babies.
I also wish to (belatedly) thank Muammar Gaddafi for everything he has done for Africa and for Black people worldwide. No one has done more for Africa and Black people over the past 40 years as Muammar Gaddafi. Until a decade ago, Gaddafi had done more than anyone else to keep Western imperialism at bay in Africa. Today, millions of Africans and Black people worldwide mourn his lynching. This point unfortunately is something that very few white people and those that claim to be "true revolutionaries" will not and cannot understand. Millions of Black people around the world feel nothing less than revulsion and disgust. Fucking regardless of the past mistakes of Gaddafi, no one and certainly least Gaddafi deserved to be lynched in the manner that he was.

The lynching of Gaddafi and the psychopathic celebration of it in the Western media is the most disgusting spectacle I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. I must take some time for research to find another incident over the past century as depraved as the celebration of Gaddifi's murder. 
250 years of Humanism has been erased in one instant. Not even the Nazi war criminals suffered such a degrading and barbaric fate as Gaddafi. This is not to say that racist and colonial violence is anything new in history. The murder of Patrice Lumumba in Congo 50 years ago is just one of countless examples of imperialist violence. However, until this week, Western imperialism concealed this grisly crimes. Not only would they deny responsibility but they would exercise extreme caution in not publicly displaying their acts of murder.
I really must step back and pause upon what we have witnessed this summer. Within 4 month, the US government on orders from President Barack Obama, has assassinated 4 human beings without due process or even a show trial. I will make one point very clear. President Barack Obama has committed the most heinous crimes over the past 50 years. In fact, one can make a compelling argument that Obama is more criminal in his policy than Hitler and Stalin combined. At least Stalin went through the motions of show trials. Nazi Germany even kept up some pretence of justice through their kangaroo courts. Richard J Evans informs us that even the Gestapo went through the motions of investigation before they condemned people to the concentration camps and their deaths. None this happens today under the presidency of Barack Obama. Obama has proved to be more sadistic and ruthless than Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld combined. It's Obama that has given himself the sole authority to execute American citizens without evidence and trial. Last month, two American citizens were assassinated 
 on the orders of a President for the first time in American history. In fact, the US Constitution only gives the president the right to pardon a convicted criminal or someone condemned to death. Barack Obama becomes the first president to be cop, prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner. Perhaps I am writing my own death warrant but I don't care. I hate Barack Obama and consider him not only to be the worst president in American history but the greatest danger to humankind presently on the planet. I extended my hatred to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. There are liberals and reformist wimps and peaceniks that will censure me for saying that I "hate" Obama and Clinton. If I can't hate cold blooded killers devoid of any humanity that have rained down death and destruction on humanity, that logically concludes that I am not allowed to have any form of hatred. Yes, I hate Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the US Government. If they want to take me out, then so be it. They can take my life but they will not take my mind and my opinions away.
Africa better wake up and wake up fast. Uncle Tom Dance Monkey Obama is well underway to recolonise Africa. In the coming months, Libya will see the mass extermination of all Black people. It will not take very long. By the time the clock strikes midnight on New Year 2012, every Black person in Libya will be dead or imprisoned.
Now Obama is leading the genocide of Black Africa further into Sudan, Chad, Somalia and Uganda. Would anyone have believed just 10 years ago that a Black American President and a Black US Army General would lead a genocidal conquest of Africa? Well, guess what. It's happening right now as we speak. Obama is doing something that neither Hitler nor the South African Apartheid regime could acheive: Africa will be depopulated of Blacks and only white Europeans and North Americans will be there. Those Black Africans that haven't been killed will be slaves once again. If you think I'm being extreme or melodramatic, think again. The process is taking place within the US today. Black Americans today are worst off than at anytime since the abolition of slavery in 1864. By every single indice, Blacks are seeing their extistienal position endangered. If Black Americans do not rise up and kick Obama out of office, then within 5 years, Black people all around the world will be exterminated and/or enslaved. In fact, this has long been on the agenda of Western capitalists. Starting around 1982, the US ruling class decided that it no longer needed Blacks in society. Mexicans and other immigrants from Latin America replaced Blacks as the main source of cheap and exploited labour. The agenda was set to erase Black people off the planet. First, Blacks had to be politically, socially and culturally disenfranchised. This has been executed perfectly. However, under a white President this was too risky and entailed tremendous peril. So, the US ruling class employed the likes of Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, Deval Patrick and Barack Obama to provide racial and political cover for the extermination of Black people worldwide. Powell and Rice were used to give the American ruling class political cover as they attempted to seize and take over Central and South Asia. Since the ruling class had Africa as the next continent to conquer, they recruited an African-American to do the job for them. Hence, we see Blacks being lynched in Libya and a grisly murder of Gaddafi all being lead and conducted by Obama.
The murder of Muammar Gaddafi should not only be a serious alarm for Black people worldwide but it should be a call to arms. Yes it's true that everyone that's not part of the 1% elite  is in mortal danger regardless of their race or nationality. However, Black people are at the top of the list to be exterminated. The future survival of the Black race is the most pressing concern at the moment. One cannot expect Arabs, Asians and whites to really care or concern themselves. In Libya, most of the lynching of Blacks is done by Arabs. Asians have no particular love or affinity towards Blacks and Africans. There are simply not enough conscious whites that are able to help the Black race. In essence, Black people are on their own. Gaddafi was our best friend and ally, followed closely by Fidel Castro of Cuba. With Gaddafi executed and Castro nearly death, Black people worldwide are now isolated and virtually powerless. The Hell of it is that every single Black politician in the Western world (with the notable exception of Cynthia McKinney) has aligned himself with white supremacy. We find murderous and treacherous betrayers within our own race.
If Blacks do not see by now why they must rise up and overthrow capitalism, then we are truly finished as a race. If Blacks think that Liberal Democracy has a place for them or even wants them at all, they are seriously deluded. If Blacks continue to go about their business as if everything is ok and that somehow they will get over, then they will perish. If Blacks do not foment a revolution looking to secure their own self-preservation, we all might as well commit collective suicide.

I will conclude with a warning to the Western capitalist class. What you have done to Libya will ultimately be your downfall. The way you have cynically and crassly used Obama to commit racial genocide of non-whites will not be forgotten. You have earned the bitter hatred and scorn of hundreds of millions of people around the world. You have now made mortal enemies who will fight you tooth and nail. Even if you do succeed with your plans to exterminate the Black race, it will come at a dear cost, most of which will be taken out of your ass. You WILL be defeated. While the Asians may not give a damn about the Black race, they have taken note and are well aware that they are next. Well, I've got news for you. Asians outnumber everyone else. You have just signed your own death warrant. Asia will defend itself and if need be, may very well decide that it will have to eliminate the white race in order to save humanity. I'm afraid they may very well be correct. One day, I hope very very soon, we will see Sarkozy, Cameron and all the vampire capitalists they represent given the same treatment meted out to Gaddafi.
-Der Kosmonaut
22 October 2011
Vienna, Austria


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