Monday, October 10, 2011

Otpor/CIA Infliltrates Occupy Wall Street Protest

Well, well what do you know? Look who just happened to turn up at the Occupy Wall Street movement! Why no one other than Ivan Marovic from Otpor.
I knew that Occupy Wall Street had rats lurking about.
Of course, as we all know, Otpor was sponsored and trained by the CIA and NATO. The overthrow of Milosevic became the template for various "color revolutions" in Eastern Europe and the aborted "Green revolution" in Iran.
Of course, the Yanks and those in New York know nothing about Yugoslavia, Eastern Europe or even American foreign policy.
So they think this guy went all the way from Belgrade to New York to offer solidarity. See, if I were there, I would have bounced him out of Manhattan physically.
The capitalists are very very grateful that I'm far away from North America because I'm unable to prevent nonsense like this.

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