Wednesday, November 02, 2011

America's Geo-Political Isolation and Decline

2 November 2011

By Der Kosmonaut

The decision by the United Nations General Assembly on the admittance of Palestine to UNESCO is an unmistakable sign that the United States of America has irreversibly lost its international power and influence. This comes a week after President Obama was forced to withdraw all US military personnel out of Iraq. This follows a month after the UN General Assembly overwhelming voted to accept the application of Palestinian statehood. Moreover, Hillary Clinton was rebuffed by Pakistan when she pressed for the Pakistani military to intervene in Afghanistan. When Clinton threatened to invade Pakistan, this merely straightened the country's resolve to refuse. These developments have occurred in the teeth of fierce American opposition.

It's clear that the UN Resolution 1973 passed by the UN Security Council to establish a "No Fly Zone" to "protect civilians" was based on false premises. The public lynching of Mumamar Gaddafi has provided the international community a painful but important lesson. The United States is a rouge power hell bent on savagery, plunder and murder. No country will ever follow the US with blind obedience. If Gaddafi, a leader who bent over backwards to appease and accommodate the US and Europe, can be dispensed with in such a grisly manner, what's to prevent this from happening to other leaders? 

Hence, the US finds itself isolated internationally supported only by the Anglo-Saxon countries and Israel. The UN decisions on Palestine have less to do with the plight of the people as it has to do with opposition to the US in general. The US is now a shunned power. Moreover, everyone knows that the US Dollar is worthless. Bribery and pay offs, which was the linchpin for US "soft power" for most of the post World War 2 era, no longer works. Promising a few hundred million dollars in exchange for doing American bidding is a thing of the past. Even worse for Washington is that fewer countries are intimidated by American military might. The US was beaten out of Iraq. The US is losing in Afghanistan. The US military is overstretched. Short and simple, the United States is living on borrowed time.

As I warned, the NATO bombing of Libya was geo-political suicide. The US went one step too far. As I also predicted, the non-white countries of the world are uniting in opposition to the dictates of North America and Europe. Despite the tensions in Asia centred around China, sooner or later Vietnam, The Philippines, Japan and South Korea will come to the understanding that taking sides with the US is a losing proposition.

Already we see South America, for the most part, escaping from the tutelage of the US. Africa is trembling and confused. However, the regimes that are now kow-towing to American imperialism will find their position increasingly tenuous. The most likely development is that any sanctions against Zimbabwe or any other African country will be met with determined opposition.

The death of the United States of America will be a long and agonising one both for the US itself and for the world. Make no mistake, we are witnessing the death swoon of Western civilisation, capitalism and white supremacy. One can safely add Zionism to the list. Unfortunately, American and Western capitalism will usher in Global War in a last desperate attempt to preserve domination and hegemony. Regardless, the handwriting is on the wall. It's game over.

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