Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Epizentrum Update

2 November 2011
By Der Kosmonaut

The treat of eviction was and remains real. Once again the Austrian state is practicing psyops and doing it perfectly.
While people have come to Epizentrum to support it is still too few. The power is cut. However the occupants have their own portable generators. The media room, from which this report is being written, has power. There is power in other parts of Epizentrum but power is cut in the most of the buildings.

It appears there will be no eviction tonight. Everyone expects it to be around 6 AM tomorrow. It's tense and relaxed at the same time. People are socialising and communicating with each other. The human warmth and compassion is very strong here. There is neither Thought Control nor Totalitarian Capitialism within the confines of Epizentrum. It makes it all the reason why the ruling elite want to smash it.

I'm using someone else's PC and the battery is almost empty.
Epizentrum bliebt!

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