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Epizentrum Wien Evicted

8 November 2011
By Der Kosmonaut
Shortly after 11 AM Central European Time, the police evicted Epizentrum. It came as a surprise to the occupants. The eviction didn't follow the usual protocols of an eviction. Normally, evictions take place early in the morning between the hours of 6 and 8. This morning there wasn't any indication of an impending eviction.

I was present in the Epizentrum when the police arrived. They were accompanied by Green Party functionaries. Apparently, the Greens wanted to supervise the operation to ensure there would be no abuse and violence by the police. It's telling that the Greens show their faces only behind the police. The Greens have revealed themselves as the party of state repression. If the Greens were actually the party of social justice, they would have given advanced warning.

There weren't any arrests or any injuries reported. The police took digital photographs of everyone inside the building at the time as well as identification checks. I was photographed and had my identification controlled. I explained that I was a Canadian journalist. Other persons were subjected to thorough searches of their body (pockets were emptied) and their belongings (bags and rucksacks). Most of the more vital belongings were secured by the occupants including pets, video projectors and bicycles. Once the last occupants were ejected, the gate to Epiezntrum was closed and protected by private security guards.

As the eviction commenced a mass SMS was sent for supporters to arrive. It was a typical media circus with cameras clicking away. I gave a short TV interview for Kurrier news service. When that becomes available, it will be posted on this blog.

Presently the occupants and supporters of Epizentrum have regrouped at Amerlinghaus which is also in the Neubau district. They are meeting and coordinating future actions and strategies.

A demonstration in support of Epizentrum and against its eviction will be held this evening in Vienna at 18:00 CET. The exact location of the protest is yet to be determined. It's has been requested that international supporters organise protests outside the Austrian Consulates and Embassies worldwide in solidarity.

The main question is why BUWOG suddenly ordered the eviction today? What was behind the calculation? Why did the Greens suddenly intervene at the moment of eviction?

In any event, the resolve of the occupants and supporters of Epizentrum has not been broken. Totalitarian capitalism has only managed to push its opponents back. In fact, it was a rather half-hearted counter-attack. This is far from a victory on the part of the (petit)Bourgeoisie. The taking and establishment of Epizentrum remains a tactical victory in the war against totalitarian capitalism. The fact that the eviction, unlike in Spain and the United States, was carried out without arrests or violence reveals that the ruling class fears us. Any act of violence or mass arrests would have had unpredictable results. Hence why the Greens intervened to ensure that their headquarters did not become collateral damage. The fact remains that Epizentrum has made the Austrian ruling elite deeply apprehensive.

Epizentrum might be over but there will be further occupations of empty buildings in Vienna. This movement is unstoppable and unbeatable. Real Estate speculation must come to an end in Vienna. Privatisation must end. The commercialisation of public space must cease. The corporatisation of human life in Vienna and the world must be resisted!

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