Sunday, December 18, 2011

Existential Interrogation

What happens when you die?
I no longer exist.
When you no longer exist?
I'm no longer alive.
What happens when you're alive?
I remain on Earth avoiding imprisonment and torture.
What happens if you're imprisoned and tortured?
I'm in Hell.
What happens in Hell?
I lose my mind.
When you lose your mind?
I no longer have consciousness.
When you lose your consciousness?
I'm a useless human.
What becomes of the useless human?
He possesses a waiting ticket to nowhere.
How goes the trip to nowhere?
It leads to slavery.
What is slavery?
What's dehumanisation?
Losing my soul.
What happens when you lose your soul?
I have nothing left to live for.
When you have nothing left to live for?
Then all options have run out.
When all options have expired?
Then there's nothing left to lose.
-Der Kosmonaut
18 December 2011
Vienna, Austria

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wunderschön. Simplistisch. Wahr.
Too bad that in real life this kind of neurotic self-interrogation usually ends up going full circle and one ends up exactly where one started: confused and desperate. How does it happen that some do manage to step out of this vicious cycle and others don't? What is it that makes such a difference?
Thank you, Kosmonaut!

Sunday, December 18, 2011  

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