Thursday, January 05, 2012


One can't be sure of what will happen
Though one must always be sure of what has happened
One cannot make any assumptions
But one must be accurate of their actions
It is impossible to always be right
Yet one should try to be right in what they say
No one can know it all
However duty compels one to know as much as possible
Not a living soul can have it all
But Monopoly can be played by ages seven and up
No entity can win all the time
Though breaking even should be the modest goal
Life is so unpredictable
That's why one should predict the unexpected
Nobody can have sex every moment of their life
But masturbation marathons are permitted
The light of day on earth is never eternal
But eternal is the dark side of the moon
Go about your life in a serious manner
Do remember to take the piss once in a while
-Der Kosmonaut
Montreal, Qu├ębec Canada
February 2001

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