Friday, January 06, 2012

Webster Tarpley Breaks Down Ron Paul's Economic Genocide Policy

Over the past weeks, the American media has raked Republican Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul over the coals for his racism. This is besides the point. Every American President has been racist. Indeed, if President Obama were white, he would be recognised as a racist fascist but I digress. The problem with Ron Paul isn't his average day to day racism. After all the vast majority of North American whites share Paul's racial sentiments. The danger of Ron Paul is that his policies will impoverish the nation through his radical libertarian Austrian School of Economics.
Webster  G. Tarpley inspects and dissects Paul's economic agenda and concludes that Paul is a right wing extremist whose promise to end all foreign wars is simply a far-right wing echo of Obama's pledges to end illegal wars started under George W. Bush. We know how that ended.

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