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The White Supremacist Takeover of Black American Culture and Intellect

By Der Kosmonaut
9 January 2012

A recent article by the Black American novelist Cecil Brown in the San Francisco Bay View newspaper was a startling read. Entitled "Race and Occupy Cal", the article focused on the November 15, 2011 demonstration by University of California students held in Berkeley. Aware of the racial tensions and the gulf separating mostly Upper Middle Class whites who are facing impoverishment from Black citizens, the organisers made a conscious attempt to insert the issue of race and racism into the discourse.

The article itself was appalling. The turgid prose employed by Brown was fitting for a first year university journalism student. However, Brown's writing style isn't as important as the frightening yet obviously unnoticed implications of the white domination over Black American Culture and Intellect. What is important is that the so-called academic field of "African-American Studies" has become practically a white dominated discipline with Black people themselves excluded and reduced to objects of study. What the article revealed was the return of colonial studies of Black Americans akin to the studies of plants and animals in the respective fields of Botany and Zoology.

Before an analysis of the article, a brief overview of the history of "African-American Studies" as an academic discipline is needed. After the analysis, I will offer a commentary of how this is related to Post-Modernism and how Post-Modernism has become the intellectual tool not only to construct a totalitarian society but as a means to subordinate Blacks and other oppressed racial minorities to the diktats of totalitarian capitalism.

Civil Rights, Black Power, Affirmative Action and "African-American Studies"
The Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s was initially led by middle class university educated Blacks in the American South. The Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) was comprised mostly of young people that attended segregated and predominately Black colleges in the US South. In addition to demanding the de-segregation of public facilities such as restaurants, cinemas and drinking fountains, SNCC also fought against the exclusion of Black students from the main public universities throughout the South. Though the Black citizens and residents were obliged to pay taxes which funded the public state universities, Blacks were not admitted into them. Access to public facilities of higher education became a key demand of SNCC.
Frustrated by what was seen as the tepid and half-hearted measures such as the Voting Rights Act of 1964 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, many urban Blacks in the North and West of country became more militant. Since most of the Western and Northern States did not have legally sanctioned restrictions on segregation, institutionalised racism in housing and employment remained unaddressed. Moreover, police brutality was (and remains) endemic. The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr led many young Blacks to believe that non-violent civil disobedience was not enough for Blacks to gain liberation. More radical methods needed to be employed. The Black Panther Party for Self Defence, organised by Black law students and engineering students took the lead in the new militant mood of the Black urban masses.
"Black Power", "Black Is Beautiful" and other slogans asserted not only the militancy but also a racial consciousness which was politically developed. As many public universities were forced open to Black students, these radically conscious students wanted to learn more about their history, culture and that of Africa and the so-called "Diaspora" which was unavailable at the time. Indeed, not only were the textbooks and university libraries filled only with topics covering white American and European subjects, there was an evident void of any texts covering Black American or African history and culture. What was available were the now discredited racist theories about Black and African inferiority. Radical Black students demanded that the rich and long history and cultural contributions of Blacks both to the United States and the world be included.
Affirmative Action was first implemented as an Executive Order under President Lyndon Johnson in 1967 but became codified in law and official US Government policy under Richard Nixon in between 1970-73. Affirmative Action required all higher learning facilities as well as private companies and corporations alike which received any funding, however indirect, from the federal government to set aside a fixed place for Blacks in proportion to their population size in university classrooms and workplaces. Under the influence of radical feminism, women were also covered under Affirmative Action.
With new large numbers of Blacks now in both public and state universities, the demand for Black Studies were greater and more determined. "Eurocentrism" was denounced as well as the exclusion of the true history of slavery, colonialism and its attendant genocides. Unsurprisingly, many university administrators resisted the demands at first, but being put under pressure from direct action and fearful of any revolutionary upheavals, "Black Studies" was finally admitted as an academic discipline and given status as independent departments. By the end of the 1980s, the term "Black Studies" was replaced with "African-American Studies" as Black Americans, who only a decade earlier had identified and demanded to be called Black, reinvented a new identity: "African-American". Hence Black Studies was renamed into "African American Studies" by 1992.

The Backlash Against Affirmative Action and the Expulsion of Black University Students
As early as 1980, the backlash against the modest gains of the Freedom and Black Power movements had found their most potent expression with the election of Ronald Reagan as president. Reagan ran as an open and unabashed racist and represented himself to white America as the icon of the past. Reagan represented the time when Blacks knew their place, were submissive and obedient. Reagan was the embodiment of the good old days of unchallenged white supremacy. Reagan used his bully pulpit as president to rail against Affirmative Action and civil rights legislation in general. Reagan, along with his Vice-President George H.W. Bush never missed an opportunity to bemoan "reverse discrimination" that whites suffered as a result of Affirmative Action.
By 1988, "Reverse Discrimination" had become a mainstream topic. Bush used it to successfully win the Presidency of that year. By 1990, many white academics and white university students became quite vocal in their opposition to Affirmative Action. Many cynically used the words of Dr. King himself to justify the abolition of Affirmative Action. President Bush denounced Affirmative Action as nothing other than a "quotas requirement." University newspapers, magazines and academic journals produced volumes about "unqualified" minorities given places in universities and jobs over "qualified" whites. More and more white students began to look at their Black colleagues with suspicion and resentment. Black students were viewed as intellectually inferior and had only been admitted simply because they were Black. This was replicated in the corporate world as well. Many whites had viewed their work colleagues with disdain.
Right wing TV and radio talk show hosts devoted their entire programs to savaging and discrediting Affirmative Action. Many examples of whites suffering from "reverse discrimination" were dug up. One example was of white applicants for positions in the Boston Fire Department claiming to have Black grandparents in order to be classified as Black in order to get hired. 
Organisations such as Citizens Against Reverse Discrimination (C.A.R.D) were able to attract memberships in the tens of thousands. Such was the political strength and momentum of the anti-Affirmative Action campaign, that it became a political issue in 1992 Presidential election. Democratic candidate Bill Clinton conceded that Affirmative Action was a problem. In 1995, seeing the angry white backlash due to the O.J Simpson case (see below) and worried about losing re-election to the racist white vote, Clinton announced that Affirmative Action shoud be "mend(ed) not end(e)d." Clinton's statement and ultimate election revealed that Affirmative Action no long found any support among any section of the political class. 
Emboldened by the retreat of Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party away from civil rights and racial equality, various states such as California and Texas held referendums and passed legislation repealing Affirmative Action. (A digression. The political momentum against Affirmative Action was spurred by the O.J. Simpson case. Simpson was a former American football player and actor who was charged and tried for killing his white wife and her friend. Simpson was eventually acquitted of all charges. The anger, disgust and revulsion by white Americans led not only to a collapse of support for civil rights and racial equality but also drove huge numbers of the white electorate in California, where Simpson resided at the time, to repeal Affirmative Action.) The effects of the ending of Affirmative Action in Texas and California were dramatic. In 1995, the UC Law school had admitted 75 Blacks. In 1996, following the repeal of Affirmative Action, only 1 Black was admitted. 
The dramatic decline of Blacks university students not only in California but all over the country placed various "African-American Studies" departments in danger. "African-American Studies" had always been given short drift by many universities. Departmental funding was always meagre. The departments were more often than not housed in the worst university property. Often the department offices were located in the basement or in remote parts of campus. With the sudden decline of Black overall enrolment, "African-American Studies" department saw their raison d'etre endangered. Just to maintain these departments, more and more white students were encouraged to study the subject. With that, there were also fewer and fewer Black professors and lecturers. The result was that "African-American Studies" survived but without so-called "African-American" students.

Black Absence From The University To The Occupy Movement

Now back to the embarrassing article by Cecil Brown about Occupy UCal at Berkeley.

Look who is teaching "African-American Studies" at UC?
"Michael Cohen, lecturer in American and African-American studies, under a tree, pacing the green grass as he expounded on the connection to the 'prison industrial complex' and the 'current crisis.'
Furthermore: "The prison complex in California spends more money on keeping young Blacks locked up in San Quentin – where, as it turns out, Professor Cohen teaches a class – than it does on Cal students. He traced the history of this back to the ‘70s and ‘80s, when Ronald Reagan was elected governor and then to the presidency. According to Cohen, there has been a policy by the state to keep Blacks out of the classroom by putting them into prison."

The critical issue is the following: Cohen gets to explain how Blacks are suppressed yet he makes his living off Black incarceration. Sure, he's a white Liberal but that's the trap. Since Cohen teaches "African-American Studies" and teaches a class for Blacks in prison, he can claim that he's neither racist or prejudiced. In essence, Cohen plays the same game as Amy Goodman.

There are more startling revelations. Look who's a graduate student of "African-American Studies": "Zackery Manditch-Prottas, a white graduate student in the African American Studies Department, who engaged me in an insightful commentary on the current state of hip-hop."

The implication is clear. The white man has taken over hip-hop. Now the white man will become a  Doctor of African-Americans and hence will become an expert on "African-Africans." In the future will he will serve as a techno-bureaucrat who will be in a position to directly enslave and control Black people. Or if he is more of a "hipster", he will become a leading music critic and "expert" on Hip-Hop and "African-American" music. But he isn't the only one. A white woman came all the way from Australia to California to STUDY HIP HOP.

If any conclusive proof that OWS has been taken over by the Democratic Party, it was provided by Former Labor Secretary To Bill Clinton Robert Reich. Reich gave the keynote address. All the kids were excited to see him. (Incidentally, very few Black students or professors made it to the protest because they couldn't afford it.) Reich gave another typical white liberal speech about white liberals that were killed by the Klan in Mississippi. He only mentioned the two white males that were murdered but not the Black local that they were working with. There it is. A Clinton operative was sent to control OWS in Berkeley. Having effectively put the students under Thought Control, Reich concluded his address and left. Cecil Brown was obliged to comment: "Thousands of students milled around, not knowing quite what to do."

Brown interviewed a parasite who reminded me of the American who made me suspicious when he showed up at Epizentrum Vienna. According the Brown: "Dylan, a young white boy about 20. He said he had been to all of the Occupy movements in California: San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Rosa and Oakland."
This is a similar story to the American who turned up in Vienna. He claimed to have been at OWS in New York, Barcelona and Vienna participating in all these occupations. How? Why? What are their real stories? As far as the one in question in the article, I conclude he's a parasite and had discovered that Black people will help him out without him having to give anything in return. The reporter writes: "By working in Occupy Oakland, he said he had met so many Black people that he liked. He had to learn all kinds of stuff, about how to get food and how to stay warm and how to – well, basically – survive."

The whites are taking over. Whites are taking over Black history and intellect. They are taking over Black music. They have taken over Black minds and are now about to take their hearts and soul.

Cecil Brown is too old to be that naive. He must be getting senile. He writes as if he's a very young and naive Black girl that doesn't know what time it is. Brown falls in love with the young man and lets his sexual desires cloud his judgement.
"I turned and looked at Dylan. He had the most gentle eyes. Wow, I’m thinking, maybe he is right: Things are looking up for young white people. Maybe they will use the Occupy to soul search, and maybe they will pull themselves out of the trance their parents have put them in."

Well Brown is right about one thing. Whites are using OWS to soul search. They are searching for Black souls to steal. Obviously the white man had managed to suck Cecil Brown's soul. This also provides evidence that these vampires exist as I exposed in Boston.

The article is simply incredible on so many levels! The fact that this was written by Cecil Brown and published in the San FranciscoBay View is astonishing enough.But the fact that the older and intellectual Black conscious folks still don't realise what's going spells doom for Black America.

A Final Comment About Post-Modernism and White Supremacy

We see at last, the political objectives of Post-Modernism. Post Modernism came to prominence into the mainstream American academic and intellectual establishment in 1989. This coincided with the re-identification of Blacks in the US into the wretched term "African-American". (A further comment on why I refuse to identify as an African-American will be posted on this blog at a later date.) The rise of Post Modernism and Political Correctness can be viewed in tandem as well. Post Modernism is many things, but in the context of race and culture, it can be defined as a fetishization of race and ethnicity in order to better subordinate the oppressed within the confines of totalitarian capitalism. Post-Modernism has made a great effort to prove how it's inclusive unlike Modernism. Post-Modernism is quite proud that it has included non-whites, women and homosexuals in its analysis of the world. Post-Modernists will insist and never fail to reiterate that they are "anti-racist", "anti-sexist" and "anti-Homophobic" which means, in the latter two examples, that they are pro-feminist and pro-Queer or in Politically Correct parlance, "Queer Positive."
As I mentioned in 2011, Post-Modernism embraces and accepts "the other" (ie Blacks) in order to bring the oppressed within the spiritual orbit of totalitarian capitalism. Upon closer examination, we see that that the agenda is more sinister than that. The embracing of "African-Americans" means that Black identity and culture is taken on by the dominant group while the subordinate group is stripped of its autonomous racial, intellectual and culture identity and assets. Post-Modernism is the means by which whites can better conceal and at the same time expand white supremacy. By becoming experts on everything "Black" or "African-American", they believe that they can take on the Black identity. In other words, they believe that by intellectually and spiritually embracing "Blackness" they are free of white supremacy and therefore not racist. This is a lie and a dishonest one at that. Whites maintain their white privilege. In fact, their white supremacy is even strengthened as they reach positions of power through intellectual "authority" by stealing Black identities and using them to pursue their own material and economic advancements. This is the most insidious form of white supremacy yet to have manifested in history.
In the past, white supremacist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and the Nazi parties, maintained their white supremacy by maintaining a strict racial line of division. Black culture was deemed inferior. Jazz, rock and blues were disparaged as "nigger music". Blacks were monkeys and weren't capable of intellect. White Supremacy of the past wanted nothing to do with Black people culturally or socially.
Today, Post-Modern white supremacy is the opposite. It's obsessed with Black culture and music. It's fascinated by Black intellect. It seeks to own and possess Blackness. Post-Modernist white supremacy wants Blackness without Black people. What Cecil Brown failed to see in his own report is that Post-Modernist whites think that they can overcome racism by becoming metaphysically Black themselves. Once whites "learn" everything about Blackness, they believe that they metaphysically transform into Black people. Once they become Black, real existing Black people are no longer needed. Under Post-Modernism, Black people, like the planet itself, are being spiritually, culturally, politically and even racially stripped mined. In the final analysis Post-Modernism is intellectual Blackface.
What is most frightening is how the Black intelligentsia seems to be unaware this is happening. This is what Post-Modern genocide looks like.

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