Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chasing Phantoms and Witches

Feb. 11, 2012
Vienna, Austria
By Der Kosmonaut

Apparently, most Americans have nothing to do with their time. The country is falling apart by the seams. Half the country is poor. A totalitarian corporate feudal state has been erected. Nearly 50 million Americans are starving. With all these problems, one would think that Americans would be more focused on the practical material existential matters facing them. But of course they're not.

I was listening to American right wing radio this past week. I only listen to spy on my enemies and to see where they're at. I heard that Madonna performed a "Satanic" ritual during this year's Super Bowl Halftime Show. First of all, the fact that people are even wasting time watching the Super Bowl under the socio-economic and political conditions presently, reveals that they are deeply under Thought Control.

I've always hated American football. There was something reactionary about it that I first picked up
upon from the age of 6. By 1995, I realised there was something seriously and fundamentally wrong with the Super Bowl. Everybody in the US and also Canada are compelled to watch it. Even those that hate or have no interest in it still have parties and come together while having the game on. I
remember hanging out with two gay men and two straight women during the 1995 Super Bowl. One
of the gay guys was in charge of all the money his office colleagues had put in the betting pool. While watching the game, he spent all the money on booze and cocaine.
"I hope no one asks about the money tomorrow." He said to us.
I realised that Thought Control was real and how the Super Bowl played a key role.

Here is where the ideas of Duci Simonovic apply. Neither coming from the USA nor ever had the opportunity to visit, Simonovic  has very little awareness of the role football (grid iron) plays in American culture. But he's well aware of the Olympics. Simonovic describes the Olympics as the holy 4 year ritutal of capitalism. He's correct. However, he has no idea that the Super Bowl is the annual religious ceremony of American capitalism which is in fact, even more stronger and more dangerous than the Olympics. The Super Bowl is, in his words, "to keep the masses within the spiritual orbit of capitalism." And how! The Super Bowl is MADison Avenue's biggest cash cow. In fact, an entire year goes into the development and production for Super Bowl TV ad spots. The Half-Time Show is the centre of gravity of the entire advertising and marketing industry.

It gets worse. For those that don't like the game itself, they watch the Super Bowl simply for the commercials! I had no idea of this until 2005 when I worked in a call centre in Montreal as a customer service rep for Rogers Cable and Internet. One wouldn't believe the number of calls we were  inundated with the week before the Super Bowl. I had one lady from Ontario who suffered a nervous breakdown on the phone. Why? She and/or husband had purchased a giant 40+ foot plasma screen TV (1984 telescreen anyone?). She wanted Rogers to come and install High Definition in time for the Super Bowl. When I checked the tech
schedule, it was was full. I informed her that it simply wasn't possible to have the techs come by to install HD. Boy, did she lose the plot on me. I wasn't aware that when CTV aired the Super Bowl, they were required by law to show Canadian made advertising. However, Rogers was able to accommodate those in Canada who wanted to watch the American ads. I thought to myself: "Damn! People are asking nay begging to pay an
additional $25 in order to watch advertising." And then some wonder why I feel so alienated and disconnected from society! So, yes. Simonovic is on the money when he talks about sport and capitalism.

About Madonna's so-called "satanic" ritual. I went to YouTube and discovered no less than one dozen videos "deconstructing" (note I didn't say analysing. Post-Modernists are incapable of analysis rather only deconstructing) Madonna's performance. There were written texts and captions proving Madonna was a Satanist. I watched expecting to be amused but as I began my  analysis (as opposed to deconstruction).
Around 18 seconds into the clip, there were either video screens or images projected on to the floor at the front of the stage. There were about 12-16 giant squares. The image is that of  a dancer who forms a Swastika with his body. Simonovic's analysis is vindicated yet again about sport, capitalism and fascism.

I noted it and wrote a comment about it. "Fine! Even if Madonna is satanic or more likely, a
paganist, that has nothing to do with my life. If she wants to worship her way, that's fine by me. As long as she doesn't tell me how or what to think or do, more power to her. In any event, the Super Bowl itself is the
great religious ceremony for American capitalism. Way before Madonna, the
Super Bowl is the main tool to keep the masses in the spiritual orbit of capitalism. For me that's the worst. I  hate football´╗┐ anyway and never watch it."Unsurprisingly, I was the only one to notice the dancer's body twisted into the Swastika. Rather people took that as "proof" of  a "satanic" symbol.

The Thought Police are laughing their asses off. In fact, the corporate capitalists had Madonna use the "satanic" props in the first place simply to throw the masses off track. Well aware that Americans under Thought Control and without facilities of critical
thinking and reasoning, the ruling class knew they would take the "satanic" bait while blatantly using Nazi imagery to reveal their  agenda.

There you have it. Americans are truly lost. The ones that even attempt to apply critical thinking fail to do any critical reasoning. The most obvious thing, the Nazi imagery, was taken for "satanic". The fact, they
are even watching the Super Bowl in the first place reveals that most Americans don't even know what's really going on. Rather than seeing the obvious physical manifestations of totalitarian corporate fascism, they are chasing after phantoms and witches.

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