Monday, February 27, 2012

Der Kosmonaut Returns To Earth

What the fuck is going on? 
Where the hell am I?
I must get off this planet
No place on earth is safe

Cul-de-sac up ahead
Psycho Killer on my heels
Looking for a side street
An alley to escape through

People drop like flies to the left
Friends lose the plot to the right
I struggle to maintain my balance
Charlie's Angels seduce me to lose my focus

My email has been hacked
My telephone has been tapped
My letters have been opened
My privacy violated

Occupy has been infiltrated
I've been photographed by the police
The prosecutor wants to fine me
I've been placed on a watch list

I can't find a job
I'm short on cash
I'm surfing couches
I'm running out of friends

I try to run away
I flee from the West
I run to the South
Only to find authentic human destitution

I don't know what's worse
Being isolated and alone
Or being completely surrounded
By enemies and traitors

There must be more options
Besides life in slavery
And death by latte
Between BIG BUCKS and Starbucks

Oje Oje Oje Oje
Oje Oje
Oje Oje Oje Oje
Oje Oje

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