Sunday, February 19, 2012

Expendable: The Political Sacrifice of Schapelle Corby

From The Expendable Project

Introduction by Der Kosmonaut

Schapelle Corby was a 27 year old Australian tourist who in 2004 had travelled to Bali for holiday. When Corby's luggage was inspected by Indonesian Customs, 4 KG of marijuana were discovered. Corby denied she was responsible. Rather than getting legal support from the Government of Australia, the entire state apparatus launched a campaign to to keep Corby in prison. Corby was convicted and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment by a Bali court.

The Australian Federal Police intentionally told lies and falsehoods to prejudice both the trial and public opinion of Corby. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation was also deployed to whip up propaganda and turn public opinion against Corby.

This excellent documentary and website has unearthed evidence not only of Corby's innocence but an entire network of drug smugglers in Australian airports with overt complicity by the police. Moreover, the documentary examines how the imprisonment of Corby was organised from Prime Minister John Howard down through every governmental department and ministry.  Most damaging was that both the police and prosecutors in Australia suppressed evidence which might have led to her acquittal or charges dropped. The low point of the entire sordid affair was how the Australian Broadcasting Corporation slandered the entire Corby family even saying that her father who died of cancer was a drug dealer and user himself!

Though never mentioning Julian Assange or Wikileaks, the documentary indicates that Assange's legal problems in Europe and the US are most likely being coordinated by the Australian government and state. All of the propaganda and smear campaign led by the international news media mirrors what happened to Schapelle Corby. There are more parallels between Corby and Assanage. Corby was scarified for political expediency so that Australia could maintain critical commerical and strategic ties with Indonesia. Conversely, Australia maintains critical strategic ties with the USA. With Obama's recent visit to Australia and the announcement of more than 2,000 Marines to be stationed there, coupled with the Obama administrations witch-hunt against Assange and Bradley Manning, the Australian government has decided to abandon Assange and to do everything to prejudice him. For all the evidence and documents pertaining to the Corby case, visit
Free Schapelle Corby! Free Mumia Abu-Jamal! Free Bradley Manning, Free Julian Assanage! FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS WORLDWIDE!

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