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My Early Music Production: Angel US

I became a professional music producer 18 years ago when I joined Planet Generation Global Move or PG2M. I was a DJ, producer and song writer for PG2M between 1994-98. I split from PG2M for political reasons. The leader of the crew, King Alice foolishly believed the propaganda about "genocide" against the Albanians and Kosovo, Serbia. King Alice automatically took the side of the Kosovar Albanians and wanted PG2M to go directly to Kosovo and organise the resistance against the Yugoslav government. I wisely declined and I split from the group.
The selection of tracks below were written, recorded in 1994. The musical style is a blend of Ragga Muffin, Jungle and Hip Hop. These are some of the oldest and earliest New York Jungle tracks way before Jungle and Drum n Bass became mainstream in North America. The songs are also the earliest French Hip Hop nearly 2 decades before that genre became the biggest music in France. The songs were performed in English, French, Créole, Portuguese and Spanish
In 1995, PG2M released the Angel Us album.
Produced by Dingot (Martinique), King Alice, Maja Sutra, Soul SlingerRas NC, Der Kosmonaut, Maro Bongo. Executive Producer: Bill Laswell.
Engineers: Dingot and James Dellatacoma The final mixing and production of AngelUS was done at Laswell's Greenpoint Studios in Brooklyn.
Singers: King Alice, Maja Sutra, Barbara Gandia and Papa Jube.
Muscians: Dingot, Soulslinger, James Dellatacoma
Engineer:James Dellatacoma

Please note that none of the visuals have anything to do with the songs themselves. PG2M did not make any videos in the 1990s. After I left PG2M, they got signed to Virgin Records and made music videos. A fan took later music videos and put them to the older tracks. The Black woman that you see joined PG2M after I left. All the singers you hear are white european women.

Ethiopia featuring DJ Soulslinger Zion

Universal Che


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