Friday, February 03, 2012

Sister Souljah-Blacks Worldwide Are In A State of War

In this address delivered in early 1991 during the First Persian Gulf War, Sister Souljah lays out the political and social reality confronting Blacks in the United States. She explains the psychological state of oppression that Blacks experience in "post-modern" American society. Sister Souljah claims that Blacks worldwide are in a constant state of war against racism and white supremacy. She posits revolutionary strategies for Black liberation. She understands that the key to Black liberation is the develop a revolutionary consciousness that is independent from the dominate white structures of thought.
Her theory is that one of Black Nationalism and Black separatism. Sister Souljah's anger is understandable and even justified. However, today under conditions of extreme and genocidal totalitarian capitalism, humankind must be united against the common capitalist oppressor. Today racial genocide is presided over by a Black man and woman who occupy the White House. 
Nevertheless, her message is an important wake up call for Black Americans who think they have achieved freedom with the elevation of Barack Obama as president. Indeed, her message is even more urgent today than when it was delivered more than 20 years ago.

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