Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Black Libyans Placed In Zoo Cages and Tortured

Video source: Russia Today

7 March 2012
By Der Kosmonaut

If anyone in the West still lives in denial that last year's "uprising" against Ghaddafi was nothing less than a racist genocide against Black Africans in Libya should see the video above. The Blacks are forced to eat the old flag of the Libyan Republic. In the video one of the captors yells "“Eat the flag, you dog. Patience you dog, patience. God is Great!”

Unsurprisingly, these blatant racist and genocidal acts go ignored in the West. Simply because no one gives a damn. Compare the international (non)response of this incident to the widely shown images of Bosnians held behind barbed wire during the Yugoslav Civil War of the 1990s. Of course, the only victims Westerners care about are those with white skin. But the systematic genocide and torture of Blacks who comprised up to one half of the Libyan population passes unnoticed and with barely a murmur from "human rights" activists, let alone the wider leftist activist scenes.

As I warned last summer, the world has crossed the threshold of global race war. Libya is just the start. Capitalist imperialism has put the world on notice that Blacks are to be exterminated. The overall plan is to depopulate the African continent of Blacks. In the US, the plan of racial cleansing of the major metropolitan centres of Blacks is well under way with New York having lost no less than 25% of its Black inhabitants. Moreover the policies of police repression have turned all Black areas of New York into totalitarian terror states
In Europe, the total illegalization of Blacks are also under way.

Blacks worldwide must be alert and organise with all due haste to protect themselves. The race war has started and it's become clear that Blacks cannot expect any help or assistance from anyone else. The survival of Black people worldwide has reached a critical juncture. It looks less and less likely that Blacks will be around by the middle of this century. If there are any left, they will be reduced to the status of slaves once again.

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