Saturday, March 24, 2012


Shift velocity then accelerate
Thinking straight moving forward
Seeing straight being advanced
Green lights all in sight
Travelling at speed moving flight

Live in peace prepare for war
Stand up with steady hand
Firm grasp steel grip
The conductor not the motor
Zugführer statt Lokführer

Remain human with emotion
Feeling joy experiencing pain
Heating anger hot energy
Generating power gathering steam
Breathing in panting out

Maintain focus sharp eyesight
Meticulous not frivolous
Combing through fine details
Untangling knots removing kinks
Nitpicking not picnicking

Charging boldly without fear
Kling klang not bling bang
Rolling rocking grooving smoothly
Flowing floating surfing currents
AC/DC Diesel Electric

Rise up be present
Pay attention attention pays
Great thrills no frills
Hold strain train patience
Revealing self showing strength

Find balance centre gravity
Resisting drag gaining momentum
Ascending high digging deep
Stay clear sound judgement
Profound words enlightened wisdom

Making sense proper speech
Refined excellence discriminating taste
Not make-believe real serious
Living truth discrediting lies
Security with sincerity

Armed with knowledge shielded by doubt
Detecting deception sidestepping distraction
Skipping nonsense ignoring trivia
Forgetting lies remembering facts
Dotting I's crossing T's

Walking tall smashing walls
Climbing heights reaching peaks
Striving far obtaining freedom
Open minded free hearted
Clean spirit pure objectives

Bells ringing voices cheering
Nature chanting wind listening
Seas singing waves crashing
Lions roaring eagles soaring
Radar up sonar on

The final call all aboard
Hurry along the train is leaving
The destination another nation
Between dimensions using perception
The transition is now in motion
-Der Kosmonaut
Vienna, Austria
23 March 2012

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