Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Zero Tolerance For Racist Ignorance

By Der Kosmonaut
20 March 2012
Vienna, Austria 

There's no doubt that I'm back on Earth. Over the past week, I've made it
clear in no uncertain circumstances that I don't play. I've been putting
young whites in place.
As I have previously written, I'm continuously asked where I'm from. 
When I say New York, the next question is where my parents are from. 
Of course, if I were white and answered that I'm from New York 
that would have been the end of the discussion. Certainly, I wouldn't be 
where my parents or grandparents came from. 
 I've had it with the racist ignorance of Europeans about where I'm from.
The other night I left an Austrian reeling after he asked me where my
parents were from. He begged for mercy. I flat out told him in German how
ignorant he was.
A few days before that I shattered a young Italian women into a hundred pieces.
She was so taken aback by my candor. I told her that her questioning of my
New York origins was racist. 
Put on the defensive she replied: "Are you calling me racist?" 
"No, you're not racist per se, but your mentality is. But don't take it personally, 
it's very common these days to have that racist mentality. 
Most people have it but they aren't aware of it." 
"OK but I come from Italy. I don't know anything about America. 
In Italy, all Blacks are  from Africa." 
"That is not only false but it's completely dishonest. 
Blacks have been in Italy for more than 2,000 years. There were at least 
two Black Roman emperors and Blacks have stayed there all 
throughout the Middle Ages up today." 
"No, that's not true!" 
"Yes it is. Sorry but you're ignorant of your own history. Go
online and do some research."
It's a shooting gallery for me these days. I'm popping off people right
and left. I'm not playing around these days. I've run out of patience and
tolerance. The slightest indication of ignorance is shot down with the

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