Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Punk Rock Anti-Love

What the Hell are you doing
Telling me that you care about my life
Because of your life?
Go away! Piss off!
Don't drag yourself into me
Don't drag me into you
You say that you love me
Me with my life that you want for yourself
You say that you want to share our lives
In reality you want me for yourself
Not for myself
Oh sure you love me
Unfortunately you don't understand that
I don't love you

Impossible you say
For when you look into my eyes
You see a reflection of yourself
Therefore if I don't love you
Then I don't love myself
Is it possible that you do not love yourself?
So you love me so that I can love you
Thereby creating a love of yourself
A second hand used red dot special coupon love
How cheap you think I am!
Sorry Love
I value myself more than you value yourself
More than you value me in relation to yourself
You say that you are fed up and have had enough
That you are now walking away
You will be back so you say on a rainy day
Sorry, I am closed on rainy days
-Der Kosmonaut

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