Friday, October 05, 2012

Naked Reflections of Portugal

One thing I really missed having on my travels throughout Portugal was a Walkman.  I'm talking about the old cassette ones.  And if I had a Walkman, the only tape I would've listened to was the last Talking Heads album Naked. (1988)

Though the album was recorded in France in 1987, it sounds like it was inspired and recorded in Portugal. The international and African sounds of the album could have very well come from Portugal. Portugal is for all intent and purposes an African country. Very often the atmosphere,the  landscapes, the people and the conversations I had brought to mind many songs from the album. Surprisingly, no one I talked to knew the album and very few were aware of Talking Heads. I believe that if more Portuguese had heard this album,  Naked would be the official album of Portugal.
"Ruby Dear" is my personal favourite track from the album. The environmental damage of the country, including the numerous empty river beds I passed by and over made me recall a line from the song: "Nothing lives in this dirty little river/No one here will shed a tear/It dried up but it couldn't run forever/Ruby Dear that's what we hear"
Moreover all the weeks I spent on the ocean in Algarve brought the next stanza to mind:
"I still like the ocean down by the sea/They left the door wide open/ It tempted me"

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