Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In The Aftermath Of Obama's Re-Election White Conservative America Experiences Meltdown

By Der Kosmonaut
Vienna, Austria
Wednesday 14 November 2012

  I have made my opposition to the politics of President Barack Obama abundantly clear since he's taken office. This blog explicitly opposed his re-election. President Obama is the most right wing and reactionary president of my lifetime. Indeed, he's more right wing than Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and the two George Bush's combined.
  However, for reactionary white Americans, Obama's re-election is nothing less than the end of the world. Over the past week, I have followed various radio broadcasts and podcasts from Neo-Nazis to Christian fundamentalists to Alex Jones. By listening to these broadcasts, one would believe that Satan and Joseph Stalin have manifested themselves into reality and from the dead respectively. Right wing radio talk show broadcaster Rush Limbaugh went to bed on election night believing that the country was lost forever.

    Harold Covington of the Neo-Nazi Northwest Front was absolutely deflated. Whites are now "minorities in the land of their birth." According to Covington, white Americans are "outnumbered, out voted, out-manned and out gunned." He was "hoping against hope" that Mitt Romney would've won in order to give whites a "few more years of breathing room." However, with the election of Obama, whites now face the reality of being hunted down and exterminated off the face of the earth. To Covington's credit, he does understand that the re-election of Obama was a fatal blow to political white supremacy in the United States.
  For the Christian Right, Obama's re-election was conclusive proof that the United States was now Babylon and that the apocalypse is nigh. The self described "journalist of the End Times" Rick Wiles was beside himself. He announced that he was now quitting journalism all together after 14 years. He was crushed on the night of Obama's re-election. He woke up the next morning with the thoughts  of the "immoral majority" on his mind. The majority of Americans are now immoral. They have embraced "communism, homosexuality, feminism and abortion" and have rejected God, Christ and morality. He went into a hysterical rant about Obama being a "Communist Marxist". If only he were! He said that the heady days of American Christian morality represented in the 1980s by Ronald Reagan have been consigned to the dust bin of history. He lamented that "Ronald Reagan could not be elected today." What happened to the Moral Majority of the 1980s led by the arch reactionary Jerry Falwell? He was joined by another Christian fundamentalist radio broadcaster Steve Qualye. Quayle couldn't sleep the night of Obama's re-election. When he eventually fell asleep he was tormented with the darkest fantasies his twisted mind conjured up. He described two "visions" he had early the next morning. In his first vision, the Statue of Liberty was decapitated. In his second vision, the Statue of Liberty was wearing a burka. Quayle speaking on behalf of God promised vengeance against the American people. God was going to punish America by destroying the economy, crashing the dollar, bringing earthquakes and more superstorms such as Sandy. Quayle implied that Sandy was God's final warning to America before the election. Quayle, like Wiles, also announced that he was hatting it up. He was no longer going to talk about politics and current affairs. Instead, he's only going to talk and be at one with God. For the rest of the hour, they talked about the future destruction of America and how it will be just and righteous now that the American people have embraced Satan and have rejected God.

  Meanwhile, over at Alex Jones' Infowars, hysteria doom and gloom has been the order of the day. Infowars has now coined the term" Obamanism" which is meant to connote communism. Obamanism is here in America. Infowars conjured up the bogeyman of the end of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. Obama and the United Nations were coming to take away the guns of Americans. Steve Quayle appeared again on the program. He said that the US government and the United Nations were not going to take guns away. Rather that all gun owners in the country were to be assassinated with predator drones armed with hellfire missiles. Alex Jones himself went into a rant which was extreme even for him. He foamed at the mouth and his Texas drawl drooled with the creamy froth.
  What's one to make of such hysteria? I will admit that I take great delight at seeing the far-right cringe. To a very limited extent, I can empathise. I felt the same way they did when George W. Bush was re-elected in 2004. It's tickles me to see the despair and defeat for a change over the right. However, there are real political and social issues at play behind the meltdown of the white American Right.
  It's true that Ronald Reagan could not have won the 2012 election. This is for two main reasons. The first is that the demographics of the country have changed. Whites are no longer the majority of the electorate. The country is increasingly non-white and the racism which Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush employed to get elected no longer works. The second reason is that women, especially white women as well as the youth have different values. More and more women are now professionals and many are foregoing marriage and children. Those that do marry, don't marry for money as before. Married women are more independent and certainly not submissive to their husbands. The youth today are the Internet and multicultural generation. They are the first post-Civil Rights generation. Unlike my generation, which was born from the mid 1960s to 1982 (the true 1968 generation), the youth today are far removed from the values of the 1950s. Having been born in the mid 1980s and 90s, they did not grow up with 1950s television and Hollywood programs. Those of my generation watched re-runs of "I Love Lucy", "The Andy Griffith Show" and "Gomer Pyle". Even worse my generation grew up watching "Tarzan: The Ape Man" series which was the epitome of white supremacist fantasy. The youth today are the 500 channel cable and satellite generation of the Disney Channel and Reality TV programming. The shows have multiracial casts. Their favourite musicians and role models are Black and Latino hip-hop artists or even white Hip Hop artists such as Eminem and Sage Francis. While many white youth still have structural white supremacy in their psyche, most reject its most overt manifestations. In the greatest of of ironies, Postmodernism is the reason for the political and cultural defeat of the traditional reactionary Right in the United States.
  What really kills reactionary white America is not only that Obama is Black but that he is half Black. Obama has once and for all destroyed the centuries old stereotype of the "tragic mulatto". The linchpin of American white supremacy is the fear of interracial sex and breeding. White supremacist ideology held sway over Black people themselves. Many Blacks of my grandparent's generation were opposed to interracial relationships and marriage because the children of these unions would be rejected by both races. Obama has shattered that myth forever. While Obama is a tragic political character, he is the exact opposite of the "tragic mulatto". He not only became President of the United States but he won a resounding re-election victory. This is just too much for white conservatives. The youth today date and marry interracially. For the Right, Obama serves as the worst role model. In effect, white supremacy in its form from the 18th through 20th Centuries is dead and buried.
  The decline and moral degeneracy of the United States began as soon as Europeans invaded the land, brought enslaved Africans and exterminated the indigenous population. For more than 200 years, the United States was the land of slavery, genocide and theft. After the abolition of slavery, Blacks had to endure a century of political terror and social disenfranchisement. There was never any moral era of America. It's absurd to hold up Ronald Reagan, whose policies enacted 30 years ago are primarily responsible for the economic, political and social disaster of the US today, as the paradigm of morality and uprightness. Obama himself has stated his political admiration for Ronald Reagan. In this regard, it's rather puzzling that the Right hates Obama with such vehemence. He's just as right wing or even more so than their icon Reagan. The hatred of Obama stems first and foremost from his skin color and secondary his political affiliation. During the election campaign it became more and more obvious that the political differences between Obama and Romney were minuscule and these differences were superficial. If Obama were a white Republican carrying out his polices, white conservatives would be lining up to massage his testicles and perform fellatio on him.
  Make no mistake, Obama is a political disaster for the United States and the world. In esscence, he is just another Wall Street puppet. He is not a man of great intellect and does not have an original thought or idea in his makeup. I will continue to oppose the policies of Obama but I will do so from a revolutionary Left perspective.
  Nevertheless, if there is anything positive from Obama's re-election it is this: His re-election has dealt a lethal blow to political white supremacy and the forces of the reactionary Right have been dealt a serious setback. Despicable ruling class figures such as Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers have been forced to eat their own shit and have lost billions of dollars in the process. These factors along with the meltdown of white conservatives is something to celebrate for a change.

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