Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Poseidon's Revenge

Poseidon: Do you think that you're the first poet to challenge me? Do you believe being a poet makes you immortal?

New York Poet: Yes I do because my words live forever.

Poseidon: Even if I smite you with my trident? When I send a riptide as you bathe in the ocean plunging you down into my depths?

New York Poet:  I can avoid your power by climbing the highest peaks of the Alps.

Poseidon:  Fool! Do you realise that I dominate the Earth? That I can stir up waves which can submerge Mt. Everest?

New York Poet:  You forget that I can fly over the surface of the Earth.

Poseidon: Do you mock me poet? Are you not aware that the currents of the oceans affect the atmopshere? I can manifest squalls with mighty winds and smack you down! Have you not heard of the Bermuda Triangle where I lay my trident? I have swallowed the mightiest jumbo jets into my vortex!

New York Poet: I'm afraid that I must concede your point. You can crush me. You can take my life and body. I concede all this but you can never take my soul. You cannot have my spirit.

Poseidon:  Careful poet. The ocean controls all human emotion. Your emotions are the expression of your soul. I have all human souls within the palm of my hand. You poet are nothing without the soul. Without the soul your words fall flat. They lack meaning. They cannot reach the hearts of men. Your words would be nothing more than cheap pop lyrics! Why even the the simplest nursery ryhmes are dervived from the soul. Do you not understand that two of the greatest pieces of literature, Moby Dick and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea were penned by me?

New York Poet:  You may call me a fool but err by believing that I'm one. With all due respect Poseidon, I'm not as stunned as I look. You forget that I'm modern and you're ancient. I come from the mightiest city on the planet. I have the power of the New York City subway behind me. My soul and spirit stems from that. It's much mightier than the forces of nature and the weather. Here is a demonstration.

New York Poet: If you think I'm playing around then take this!

New York Poet: Can you take this?

Poseidon: You make me laugh poet. I swear by the 5 Oceans and all the seas I will crush you. I shall make bitter tears flow from your eyes. You will forever regret crossing me.

New York Poet: You just can't take it!

Poseidon swims away seething with bitterness. 40 days later...

New York Poet: My city! My city! My home has been destroyed. Woe upon New York!
My mighty and invincible subway has been wrecked! My childhood home sunk! Poseidon beat me. I said that he couldn't take my spirit or my soul. By destroying the Rockaway subway he crushed my spirit and my soul. What a fool I was to provoke Poseidon! My greatest folly was being an arrogant, know-it-all Big Mouth! It would've been better for Poseidon to drown me as he said he could. That would've been bearable. He struck his trident right in my heart and twisted out when he took out the subway. Poseidon took my soul. If given the choice, I would have gladly and unquestioningly scarified myself to save the NYC Subway. I would have gladly sacrificed everything to save the Rockaways, Coney Island, the Lower East Side, as well as all the public housing projects. In essence, everything of life and soul which is left of the city. I would have sacrificed my life to protect that. Poseidon knew that and he killed me more viciously than if a Great White Shark or a school of Piranha had devoured me alive and ripped me apart into a million pieces. That would be nowhere near as bad as seeing a large chunk of the subway demolished and up to 100,000 people made homeless. I would have sacrificed my soul to protect that. (He weeps bitterly.)

Poseidon: I warned you Poet. Neither man nor any machine is stronger than nature. No man nor any of his greatest inventions can match my power. You Moderns made a grave error when your science and technology banished superstition and when you had lived in awe of the mysteries of nature. I have drowned your ego and your intellect. I have smothered your sense of superiority. As I promised, I ripped your soul and spirit into the palm of my hand. Let this be a lesson and pass it on to your men of letters and science. (He submerges underwater)

New York Poet submerges under his tears.

-Der Kosmonaut

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