Monday, November 12, 2012

Post-Modernism And Imperialism

By Der Kosmonaut
Monday 12 November 2012
Vienna, Austria
 I really have no more tolerance about Srebrenica and about Serb "atrocities and genocide" during the war. Tony Blair had lots of nerve to talk about protecting human rights. Time and time again, countries like Serbia are accused of "war crimes" even though what actually happened was different from the propaganda.
Now we know that the British exterminated 150,000 Kenyans in the 1950s and put over 1 million in concentration camps.    In addition, we can add the at least 10 million killed by Franco in Spain.
 But these days, the adherents of Post-Modernism wilfully ignore historical facts, since Post-Modernism has no interests in history but rather support imperialist war crimes and genocide under "humanitarianism" or "women's rights". They are convinced that it's the Muslims who are barbarians and that pose a threat to civilisation even though the historical record proves otherwise. It is the West that invades other countries, commits massacres and genocide. There has not been one Muslim country apart from the Ottoman empire over the past 500 years that has the brutal history of the West. Even the Ottomans were humanists compared to the British, French and Americans.

 Of course, there are ignorant Westerners who support American and British intervention. Though they would deny it, they serve as the linchpins for imperialism and genocide.This was most plainly evident in last year's overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya. Practically the entire Western liberal and leftist social layers backed this illegal and murderous violation of sovereignty and the use of terrorist thugs to lynch a head of state. But these issues do not concern Post-Modernists. Instead they cry and are anguished about the fate of some feminist punk musicians who are persecuted in Russia than they are about the genocide of Serbs taking place today in Kosovo.
This is the reason why social and political revolution is impossible in the West today. Gay rights, feminism and other lifestyle politics are seen as paramount and therefore underpin the justification for wars of aggression and sanctions against countries which are justified on the grounds that the target countries are homophobic, sexist, etc. The intellectual and political bankruptcy of the West is complete and will continue to rot away at society until civilisation collapses on itself.

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