Saturday, December 15, 2012

Excerpts of an Interview of Voltaire Network Editor Thierry Meyssan With Serbian Magazine Geopolitka

From Voltaire Non Aligned Press Network 
Originally appeared in Serbo-Croatian in Geopolitika

By Thierry Meyssan
Geopolitika: What do you think of the situation in Serbia and difficult path traveled by Serbia in the past two decades?
Thierry Meyssan: Serbia has been exhausted by the series of wars which it has had to face, particularly the conquest of Kosovo by NATO. It is indeed a war of conquest since it concludes by the amputation of the country and the recognition by NATO of the unilateral independence of Camp Bondsteel, that is to say of a NATO base.
A majority of Serbs thought they needed to be closer to the European Union. This ignores the fact that the European Union is the civil side of one piece of which NATO is the military flip side. Historically the EU was created under secret clauses of the Marshall Plan, it has preceded NATO, but it is nonetheless part of the same project of Anglo-Saxon domination.

It may be that the euro crisis will lead to a breakup of the European Union. In this case states like Greece and Serbia will spontaneously move to Russia with whom they share many cultural elements and the same demand for justice.
Geopolitika: It is suggested, in a more or less direct manner, that Serbia renounce Kosovo in order to enter the European Union. You have vast experience in international relations, and we sincerely ask you if you can give advice on what actions Serbs should take in terms of domestic and foreign policy?
Thierry Meyssan: I have no advice to give to anyone. For my part I regret that some states have recognized the conquest of Kosovo by NATO. Since then, Kosovo has mostly become the hub for the distribution of drugs in Europe cultivated in Afghanistan under the vigilant protection of U.S. troops. No people have won anything from this independence and certainly not the Kosovars who are now enslaved by a mafia.
Geopolitika: There existed between France and Serbia a strong alliance that lost its meaning when France took part in the bombing of Serbia in 1999 within the framework of NATO. However, in France and in Serbia, there are still people who have not forgotten "friendship through arms" of the First World War, and who think we should give new life to these broken cultural relations. Do you share this view?
Thierry Meyssan: You know that one of my friends, with whom I wrote Pentagate on the Pentagon attack on September 11 with a missile and not a ghost plane, is commander Pierre-Henri Bunel. He was arrested during the war by NATO for spying for Serbia. Subsequently, he was returned to France, which tried and sentenced him to two years in prison instead of life. This verdict shows that in fact he acted on the orders of his superiors.
France, a NATO member, was forced to participate in the attack on Serbia. But it did so dragging its feet secretly helping Serbia more often than bombing her.

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