Friday, December 14, 2012

Far Rockaway Under Attack

Hurricane Sandy was either a godsend for the real estate vampires who suck New York City dry or it translated into multi-millionaire dollar loses. In any event Sandy was a first class disaster for the working class residents of The Rockaways. Not only were thousands of homes destroyed and runied permantly after the storm, many remain without heat and power more than one month after the storm. Not only is subway service destroyed for at least another six months but many residents face more than two hours travel time to get towards the centre of the city.
However, Far Rockaway has been under the cross-hairs of the real estate vampires bringing the plague of gentrification. The privatization of the city's public housing stock has been underway now for at least five years. These two videos made by a former resident and community activist Philip Muhammad of Far Rockaway Under Attack provides more background.
Disaster capitalism strikes again. More and more the New York's dwindling Black and Hispanic population are facing the prospect of being banished and within 5 years will have vanished from the city.

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