Monday, August 25, 2014

Seattle Center Snapshot

Beneath the Space Needle Star Treking Into Darkness
Seattle Center illuminates the Emerald City
Sitting alone surrounded by empty souls
We wait for the film to be shown

The sun sets over Puget Sound as dusk settles in
Twilight time approaching the multi-dimensional zone
The vertigo spiral whirlpools colored green grey and black
Darth Vader stands still escorted by his Storm Trooper

The gold colored lifts scale the rust colored spine
Ascending and descending between the Jetsons tower
The cranes erecting new tower blocks glisten and twinkle
Reflecting fading rays of the sun's somber farewell

The peak of Modernity at the 1962 World's Fairgrounds
Where American capitalist technology once reigned supreme
Fantastic dreams of a supersonic future designed
On planks of concrete rattles the old Monorail

KOMO 4 stands in the background
Satellite dishes point towards the heavens
Giant plastic singing trees powered by the sun
Stand erect like frown and dried out jellyfish

Not far away stands the Key Arena
A temple of capitalism shaped as a pyramid
Professional basketball was once played there
Until the Sonics jetted to Oklahoma City

From the ashes of industrialism rises totalitarian capitalism
The Gates of technological dystopia funded by Bill and Melinda
I know that I should hate what this all represents
But Seattle Center is the space travelers Earth port

-Der Kosmonaut
Seattle, WA USA 
August 23 2014

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