Saturday, December 13, 2014

An Important Message From Der Kosmonaut

Dear Readers,
I haven't forgotten about you. I periodically check the stats of visitors to my blog. As global events become more unstable, people are looking for insights. As usual, it is readers in Russia and Ukraine, as well as Serbia that comprise most of my loyal readership.
I can assure you that the events in Russia and Ukraine haven't been forgotten or ignored by me. The revelation of CIA torture, police terror on the streets of the USA with the subsequent riots and mass protests have also brought many readers to this blog.
The reason is that this blog has for 8 years written about and have reprinted articles and essays about these very incidents years before they became mainstream media headlines. In many ways, my analysis has been vindicated in spite of having been ignored by the masses and having many people that I personally know either disagree with or flat out contradict me.
Over the past 18 months I have ended many friendships and close personal ties. Some of these ties were long standing and very personal relationships. Apart from the lies and hypocrisies of many fake "revolutionaries" and "anti-capitalists", many people have made their peace with capitalism and imperialism. Despite the revealation of NSA spying and widespread torture  and human rights violations by the USA which surpass the worst crimes of most 20th Century dictatorships, certain people still believe in the myth of the "free world", "American exceptionalism" and the moral superiority of the West. These individuals have become personal enemies because they are dangerous.
I have little access to the internet. 7 months ago my laptop was stolen. Once I left Portland, OR, I have only had 1-2 hour access to the net at public libraries. I'm currently writing a book about my experiences here on the West Coast entitled "The Grand Tour Of Hell During The Apocalypse". Over the past 13 months I have lived in Portland and have travelled from Seattle to Los Angeles via San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Big Sur. My adventures have been noting short of extraordinary. I deeply regret having had my laptops stolen twice within two years.
What I have experienced and witnessed can not be made up. Not the greatest Sci-Fi writers of the past century would've dared put pen to paper. When I was a young writer I had aspired to be a Sci-Fi writer until I realized that simply writing about everyday social and political reality made Science Fiction superfluous and redundant.
What I can say for certain is that the United States of America is months away from collapse. When I say months, I mean less than two dozen months in the future. The danger of this collapse is that the American ruling class may ignite Global War and exterminate humanity rather than accept the end of hegemony. I am convinced and certain of this fact. No one can convince me otherwise. It's useless to engage in debates with blind, foolish, ignorant people who wish to believe otherwise.
The United States is not a society of adults but rather a Reform School Juvenile Detention Camp populated with 6 year old children. In this environment, rational and intelligent debate is impossible.
The rest of the world needs to prepare itself. The collapse of the US will have unforeseen and long-lasting economic, political and social consequences.  I urge all readers of this blog to take the necessary preparations. Any readers in the United States should make plans to leave the country as soon as possible. Don't go to Canada or Mexico as these two countries will be the ones that sill suffer the most collateral damage. I also suggest that they avoid Western Europe as well. I will not suggest where readers should go.
If readers haven't cancelled their Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts, they should do so immediately.
This is the final warning that Adventures of Der Kosmonaut will make regarding this. I hope that I will be able to type up all my handwritten notes of my book and post it here. This will be my final and most important work before the planet undergoes radical change.
Stay strong, don't panic and remain clear headed.
-Der Kosmonaut

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