Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ukraine: NATO and Political Assassinations

By Alexander Donetsky

From Strategic Culture Foundation  
20 April 2015

A wave of political assassinations has hit Ukraine recently. It attracted attention to activities of some scandalous political figures and media outlets. Even the Ukraine’s intelligence (called the Security Service of Ukraine) had to admit a hit list of opposition leaders does exist. Before that it used to say the mysterious murders of those who belonged to the team of former President Yanukovych were suicides. Sergey Sukhobok, a well-known Ukrainian journalist and entrepreneur, was killed on 13 April 2015 in Kiev. On April 14, Oleg Kalashnikov, another prominent member of Party of Regions, said he had received threats related to his activities in preparing celebration of the 70th anniversary of victory over Nazism (according to Ukraine’s laws public celebration of the Great Victory Day is punished more severely than a premeditated murder). The next day he was shot near his house. On April 16, Ukrainian journalist and writer Oles Buzina known for his opposition activities, was shot to death in Kiev as well. 

Kalashnikov said he had received threats of physical violence for his political views from Mirotvorets (Peacekeeper) internet outlet controlled by assistant Interior Minister Anton Gerashenko. The website acts in violation of law gathering confidential information on Ukrainians and citizens of other countries whom the site editors consider to be «enemies of state». Just before Kalashnikov was killed, Mirotvorets made public his personal data, including home address. After the murder it posted a message to Twitter expressing gratitude and accelerated promotion «for the mission dutifully accomplished». On the day of Oles Buzina’s assassination the website editors posted a message «Agent 404 has distinguished himself again. He was given a short time vacation for successful accomplishment of the mission». A note «neutralized» appeared near the journalist’s name. 
Commenting on the high-profile case of Oleg Kalashnikov Anton Gerashenko cynically said there was a tradition in Ukraine to «solve problems by eliminating opponents». The little known neo-Nazi group - the Ukrainian Insurgent Army - has claimed responsibility for the murder of Ukraine's opposition leaders. Markian Lubkivskyi, an advisor to the head of the Security Service of Ukraine (according to police sources of some Balkan states he is involved in human trade and smuggling activities), said the letter was sent from an account registered in Germany. It was written by someone who does not know Ukrainian language. It does not mean the traces lead to other countries. There are many Russian speakers among Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups. Over 70% of Ukrainians speak Russian in everyday life. 
Perhaps, the ballyhoo over the «admission of responsibility» by militants was raised to dissipate suspicions related to Mirotvorets website activities. The editors of the outlet say openly that the disappearance of this or that name from the state enemies’ hit list is possible only in case of physical elimination. According to Mirotvorets tweets, agent Paliy (Ukrainian - Arsonist) successfully accomplished the mission in the Russian Siberian Republic of Khakassia, where forest fire inflicted great damage and many people suffered. According to Mirotvorets tweets, its agents were behind mass killings of children in Bashkortostan. The posts say volunteers are required for restoration of Russian urban areas devastated by «the wrath of God». It could be surmised that it’s all done by juvenile delinquents, if not for some questions… 
First, the website is given publicity by Anton Gerashenko, an adviser to Ukraine's Interior Minister. According to Gerashenko, the website exchanges information with Ukrainian special services and law enforcement agencies, their web banners are in the proxy sites list. Third, Mirotvorets uses a NATO server. 
The scandal around the activities of Mirotvorets involved in illegal gathering of personal data and death notices before political assassinations and terrorist acts agitated the Russian sector of internet. Bloggers used the programs to define the hosting. They traced the network in which Mirotvorets is included (this can easily be done by anyone by entering psb4ukr.org in Windows command) to reveal that the website is located within the NATO network - domain nato.int. 
The search for other websites on the same server gives the following results:
1. operativ.info: a website that invites Ukrainians to anonymously report separatists.
2. informnapalm.org: an information site with a strong anti-Russian bias.
Thanks to the latest information leak regarding the workshop that took place in Riga on February 19, 2015, at the NATO Centre for Strategic Communications, it has become known that NATO collaborates with the Ukrainian military in the domain of information warfare and closely cooperates on certain projects on the Internet. But it had not been known that that the North Atlantic support includes the organization of political assassinations and terrorist acts. 
Looks like the fact of cooperation between NATO and the websites: Mirotvorets, operativ.info and InformNapalm should be out of public domain. That’s why NATO data center system administrators immediately deleted all information about HPWS/2.1 server, but screenshots were made by many users, including the author of this article. 
The leak providing information on the link between NATO and the website related to terrorist activities and political assassinations made the Ukraine’s Internal Ministry make a mirror site - http://psb4ukr.ninja, registered at a different place. It was all done in a hurry, so this time it was not an alias name (Ophelia Dingbatter from Canada), but a real person - Volodymyr Kolesnykov from Kiev region. He is an IP owner of InformNapalm and another propaganda outlet called Free Sebastopol (http://free-sevastopol.com) that also uses a NATO server. A click leads you to the same Mirotvorets again. Somehow the name of IP owner coincides with the name of former head of Ukraine’s Security Service regional office in Chernigov oblast (region). 
It all leads to supposition that Ukrainian special services are behind the political assassinations in Kiev and they enjoy NATO technical support.

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