Sunday, July 26, 2015

Israel and Saudi Arabia Drop Tacitcal Nuclear Weapon On Yemen

By Der Kosmonaut
"On the 20th May 2015, Israƫl, which participates in the Common Arab Force, dropped a neutron bomb in Yemen. This type of tactical nuclear weapon kills living creatures without damaging the infrastructures."
-Voltaire Non-Aligned Press Network 

The use of a neutron bomb or a small nuke by the Israel, Saudi Arabia coalition represents a horrible watershed in human history. For the first time since 1945, an atomic bomb has been used in war and against civilian areas.
The very fact that this went unreported by any of the international media and that the United Nations Organisation hasn't informed the world through the Security Council signifies that humanity is on its deathbed. Global Nuclear War has already commenced. It has commenced with the knowledge of all the major world powers. The governments of the United States, Russia and China are well aware of the use of nuclear weapons in the Yemen conflict. All current members of the UN Security Council are also aware. Not one of the countries have raised this incident nor brought it to the light of day. This is not only a war crime by the states of Israel and Saudi Arabia but is a global crime committed with the knowledge and acquiescence of the entire international community.
To say that the politicians and global leaders have failed would be a gross understatement. Every world leader is guilty of crimes against humanity. Not one of the so-called "progressive" leaders of Latin America, Asia, Europe or Africa have uttered a peep about this.
The so-called "alternative" and "independent" media also failed in reporting this. Two months after the fact did Thierry Meyssan is the first one to break this news to the world. 
This incident sheds light on to the recent conclusion of the so-called Iranian Nuclear Agreement. It is credible to conclude that the nuclear bombing of Yemen was directed towards Iran just as Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a message intended for the USSR in 1945. The United States and France very likely threatened to attack Tehran with neutron bombs if it didn't submit to the dictates of Western imperialism. This might also explain why the Iranians didn't dare call attention to the May 20 atomic bombing of Yemen. Had PressTV or the Iranian international newswires publicized it, neutron bombs may have fallen over Iran very shortly.
The hypocrisy of the world is sickening. While the world screamed and cried about the non-existing crimes of genocide in ex-Yugoslavia, the world's silence on the nuclear bombing is disgusting. The worst are the European Leftists in Germany and Austria which unconditionally defend Israel and support Zionism. The Israeli bombing of Yemen is worst than anything the German Wehrmacht did during the Second World War. Here is another barbaric act of genocide, in a long string committed over the past years by Israel, and yet any criticism of Israel is denounced as Antisemetism.
If the world powers are silent on the use of nukes against Yemen, it's only because they all plan to deploy them, themselves. This explains why The Pentagon believes that it will wage a successful "limited" nuclear war against Russia, China and Iran. In return, Russia and China believe that they can retaliate with their own mini-nukes.
The world has gone stark raving mad. What are most North Americans worried about? They're worried about the "rights" of homosexuals and transsexuals. They fret about Islamic "terrorism". They complain about their tax money going to waste. The entire Homosexual marriage issue is a red herring and a distraction. It gives the masses the illusion of "progress" and of "justice" being served. Bruce Jenner receives accolades of "courage" because of his confused sexual identity. 
Meanwhile, the rest of the world is distracted with the Women's World Cup. It makes one suspect that the entire Greek drama was another smoke and mirrors show to divert attention away from the nuclear slaughter taking place in Yemen.
We as a species are doomed. We are on the verge of nuclear annihilation while at the same time killing each other in a race war started by capitalism to get us fighting each other rather than on the capitalist class and its structures. For truly it's only a matter of time before mushroom clouds sprout over every major urban centre in the world. The only thing worse than dying in a nuclear war is surviving one.
There is no God. There was never one. Pleading "God help us" is just as vain as wishing one won the lottery. If there is any definitive argument that God doesn't exist, this is it. Let's just hope that the next dominate species after us does better.
Ottawa, Canada
25 July 2015

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Anonymous Anthony said...

This video shows a fuel-air bomb explosion, which can be as strong as a small nuclear blast but without the radiation. It is extremely unlikely that the bomb was delivered by the Israelis. Significant numbers of Jews remain in Yemen, where they do not have internal freedom of movement. There is a Jewish village near the top Jabal Saber mountain, overlooking the old capital city of Taiz. The fragile co-existence between Jews and Muslims in Yemen could be destroyed if Israel entered the war.

Friday, July 31, 2015  

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