Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Donald Trump's Reality TV Presidential Campaign

By Der Kosmonaut  

Donald Trump, New York City's first and original billionaire has stunned the country with his bombastic, obnoxious, racist and reactionary campaign to secure the Republican Party nomination for US president in 2016. However, it's obvious that Trump's campaign is a joke as he has no chance of winning the presidency. Instead, Trump's presidential run is first and foremost about maximizing profit. While I don't have any concrete evidence, it's highly probable that Trump is deliberately destroying the Republican Party in order to help Hillary Clinton cruise to an easy victory in 2016

  When Trump announced that he was running for president, the ignorant and stupid political commentators and pundits predicted that he didn't have a chance. After all, Jeb Bush the son and brother of two former presidents was supposed to be automatically coronated as the Republican nominee. It had been predetermined in the stars that the 2016 presidential election was going to be a race between two political family dynasties that have dominated presidential politics over the past 35 years. Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton.
  An indication of how isolated and unaware the political experts are in reality, Trump has stormed and surged ahead in current opinion polls as the front runner. He charged out of the gate with a vicious rant denouncing and depicting all Mexicans and by extension all Hispanics as rapists, murderers and undesirables. Despite Trump being lambasted by the media and denounced by the most of the capitalist establishment, his rants have struck a chord within deep sections of American whites.
  When senior Republican politicians such as Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina publicly rebuked Trump, the latter responded with a hail of insults even going as far as to give out the personal mobile phone number of the top Republican Senator. Further attempts by Trump's Republican rivals to attack him, led to further vicious, crude and vulgar attacks which only gained him more support.
  Predictably the liberal and what passes for progressive media in the United States piled on in the attempt to crucify Trump. However, if Rupert Murdoch's Fox News channel is unable to faze Trump, the superficial and shallow admonitions of the New York Times and Washington Post won't deter Trump in the least. Trump moved on to attack Muslims and women. At one point he held a nearly 20 point lead over his closest rival in the Republican Party.The liberal media has been alarmed, with justification of Trump's attacks. There have been increased incidents of Hispanics and Muslims subjected to racial assaults and attempts of murder. With some of the perpetrators admitting to the police that their acts were inspired by Trump. When Neo-Nazis and White Nationalists have endorsed Trump, the liberal media reacted with horror and dismay. Unfortunately, neither the Republican Party nor the media understands what's really at play.

  While Donald Trump is far from brilliant he is not a stupid person by any stretch. Trump is not some uneducated redneck from Mississippi or Idaho. He is born and raised in Manhattan. He's an Upper East Side snob through and through. He inherited his initial millions from his father and then invested most of it into Real Estate becoming one of the largest landlords and Real Estate developers in New York City. He expanded beyond Real Estate to move into the gambling, hotel and tourism industry, in Atlantic City, New Jersey in particular. Over the past 15 years, Trump has expanded into the Entertainment industry having bought the Miss America beauty pageant  and most famously for his successful Reality TV program The Apprentice. Trump temporarily went into the aviation industry with his short lived Trump Shuttle which operated commuter flights between New York, Boston and Washington, DC.
  Most importantly, Trump is a relatively popular figure within New York City. Many working class New Yorkers admire Trump. While Trump made hundreds of millions providing gold paneled luxury apartments to the super rich, he made his billions off the working class through his hotels and casinos in Atlantic City, NJ. Trump has carefully crafted his public persona over the past 35 years in New York City. Trump has always made controversial statements in the past. One of the social dynamics of New York City is the worship or at the very least respect for the city's rich and powerful. As a native New Yorker, he's naturally an arrogant Big Mouth. However, since he's rich, it's socially acceptable for him to behave the way he does. Afterall, Trump is a Big Shot. Mr. Big Shot and Mr. Big Mouth are the twin personality archetypes of the rich and powerful in New York City. Moreover, as a native New Yorker, Trump is sarcastic, has wit and is prone to make jokes and get a laugh at other people's expense.
  It has only been until this presidential campaign that Trump has made such bigoted and reactionary statements. Had Trump made similar public statements about Blacks and Puerto Ricans in New York thirty years ago, he would have been a pariah and would have never been able to accumulate the billions. The point is that Trump is not neither stupid nor ignorant. He knows exactly what he's saying and doing. The question remains: Why?
 Trump knows what most critically radical political observers have long noted. Since 1964, starting with the candidacy of Barry Goldwater, the Republican Party has become the party of white supremacy. Every successful Republican presidential candidate since Richard Nixon in 1968 via Ronald Reagan in 1980 to the Bush clan in 1988 and 2000 respectively, has subtly played the race card. However, in the wake of the Civil Rights advances and the anti-authoritarian mass movements in the 1960s and 70s, the Republican Party could not overtly and blatantly engage in racism. Add to this the hatred and resentment the vast majority of American whites to the election of Barack Obama, Trump has managed to tap into a huge reservoir of white supremacy. The fact that Trump currently leads the polls in spite of this proves that Trump isn't stupid. In fact, he's the most astute and clever politician presently running for president.
  Still this fails to adequately explain why Trump is conducting his campaign. Since Trump isn't stupid, he knows that even if he does win the Republican Party nomination, he has no chance of winning the presidency. Essentially Trump is running an almost identical campaign race of that of Robert Moses in 1934. Moses ran for governor of New York State that year. He ran an obnoxious, nasty and  vicious campaign. The end result was not only his defeat by a landslide but that also he crashed the entire Republican Party ticket in New York State. Not a single Republican was elected that year to any statewide, citywide or national office thanks to the antics of Moses.
 In this vein, Trump is using a similar tactic to destroy the Republican Party's prospects in 2016. He has largely succeeded in dragging the far right Republican Party candidates to the extreme right. Ben Carson, who until recently was polling second behind Trump, stated that Muslims are unfit to serve as president. Trump has laid down a trap for the Republican Party to which there is little chance of escape. The party was caught flat footed. After 50 years of running as the party of white supremacy, Trump has led the chickens back home to roost. His success thus far has doomed the party. Even should Trump fail to win the nomination, he will manage to give an address to the Republican National Convention which will undoubtedly be broadcast on Prime Time television around the world. While the Republican Party will do everything they can to prevent that, they will most likely fail. It;s important to remember that the Republican Party represents the elite capitalist class. It's the preferred party of billionaires. The Republican Party is a tool of the capitalist elites. Trump has made the party into his toy. It's seems impossible that the party can shut out and shut up the oldest and most important billionaires in the country. As the Senator Graham affair revealed, all the top Republican national politicians owe their power and position directly to Trump. Where will the Republicans find the millions to get re-elected if Trump withholds funding? Moreover, as Trump himself noted, most of them owe him a favor. Trump will give an address to the RNC full of hatred and spite. Thousands of Republican Party delegates will cheer and stomp their feet. That will extinguish the Republican party chance of capturing the White House.
 This leads to conjecture about who is actually benefiting form Trump's escapades. The most rational and sensible answer is Hillary Clinton the the Democratic Party. While few people know what personal connections and favors have been exchanged, one thing is clear. It's difficult for any politician to get elected to high office in New York State without the endorsement and/or funding from Trump. Who knows what legislation Clinton voted for or pushed which benefited Trump. Whether he owes Clinton a favor or is once again providing a favor for him so that he can profit more from a Clinton presidency remains unknown.
  At the end of the day, Trump will profit. He will eventually lose the political race but either way he will win. Trump doesn't breathe unless he can profit from it. Trump could care less about which ever political office is available. Trump is going to add to his billions. After the election of 2016, expect Trump to launch a Reality TV series based on his campaign for president. If it follows the formula of The Apprentice, one will see Trump's present campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, brought into Trump's office and for failing to win the presidency, Trump will say the patented line: "You're fired!" Trump will have another success TV show and at least an additional half a billion to his wealth.
  Though there is the danger of Trump encouraging racists and bigots to harm others, there is no danger of Trump becoming president and actually implementing as policy his racist rants. The stupid liberals don't see this. In reality, Trump is the best thing to happen to the liberal cause since Franklin D. Roosevelt. At the end of the day, Trump will get richer and will move on to another marketing ploy and publicity stunt to profit more off his moniker "The Donald".

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Pretty good article, very thought provoking. I do not understand how these A holes get away with the racism they spew.. I guess like you eluded to, when one has billions of dollars, one can get away with anything.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015  

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