Saturday, November 14, 2015

Lamentations From A Dying Planet

Bombs over Baghdad
Oh how Westerners were had
Bombs in Paris
Muslims to harass
Borders closed in Europe
The media peddles dope
Barbed wire fences erected
Claims for asylum rejected
NATO must the Syrian government overthrow
Because the propagandists tell us so
The terrorists hate our freedom
Therefore society must return to serfdom
We are at war with Islam
It says so in the Book of Psalms
More than three dozen die in Lebanon
Who cares? Life goes on!
150 innocents perish in France
More repression we can't take the chance!
Lies bullshit and endless deceit
Oh by the way those Russians cheat
Threats and bullying against China mount
Because free navigation is paramount!
Aircraft carriers and nuclear bombers deployed
World War Three is coming sit back and enjoy!
Race war looms soon comes the genocide
Hurry up quick and pick your side!
Black vs White vs Brown vs Yellow
But don't worry and remain mellow
Charlie and Uncle Sam will protect us
A Middle East protectorate will be justice!
Line up shut up put up do as you're told
Because to Wall and Bank Streets we've been sold
More anti-democratic laws the population to terrorize
Do 1 billion have to die before we come to realize
That we're slaves under totalitarian capitalism?
The final solution of contemporary imperialism!
Welcome to the death cult of Nihilism
We're on the countdown to Necroism
Je ne suis pas Paris Je ne suis pas Charlie
Nay for I am only one part of humanity
Until we have a global social and political revolution
The death of our planet will be the only solution.
-Der Kosmonaut
14 November 2015
Ottawa, ON Canada

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