Monday, January 04, 2016

Editorial: New Year New Agenda New Goals-An Appeal For Solidarity

2015 is now in the history books. 2015 was a critical year for the world. It was also a critical year for Adventures of Der Kosmonaut . The readership and visits to my blog have surpassed all previous records. In 2015 this blog received more than 40,000 views. From May to December 2015, the blog has averaged more than 3000 page views each month. In October 2015, the total number of views since 2010 has surpassed 100,000. Blogger doesn't provide statistics before May 2010. Adventures of Der Kosmonaut was launched in July 2006. I estimate that total page views of my blog since July 2006 is approximately 200,000. The readership of the blog reveals that it has an international reach. Visits have come from every continent on the globe. Most importantly I have identified 10 key countries in which visits have been the most consistent.
Since 2011 readers from Russia have been the single largest audience. Since the fascist coup d'etat in Ukraine in February 2014 my blog has seen a dramatic increase in visits from Russia. Since 2011 there have been 10,350 views from Russia alone. This past December the blog had 1800 visits from Russia. At the very least, that implies that the blog has a  Russian core audience of at least 1,000 people. That alone is extraordinary. Since the fascist coup of 2014, there have been around 5,000 views from Ukraine. In December 2015, 240 views have come from Ukraine alone. That implies that there are at least 200 people in Ukraine which read my blog regularly.
The other countries where the blog has a consistent audience includes Germany, Austria, France, Serbia, Ireland, Canada, UK and USA. With the exception of Ireland, I have lived in all those countries where I've been active as an artist and political activist. The readership from Ireland was negligible prior to 2015. In the past year 1600 views have come from the the Republic of Ireland.
The question posed is why has the readership of Adventures of Der Kosmonaut risen so dramatically and rapidly? The reason for the most part is due to the rise in political and social consciousness that's been taken place since 2011. Readers are looking for a different perspective that they're unable to find in the establishment media outlets. In 2011 Adventures of Der Kosmonaut announced that the world was both in the "Age of Revolution" and that Global War has been underway since the murder of Muammar Gaddafi.
Another reason is that since 2006 Adventures of Der Kosmonaut has published analysis of political and social events consistently and reliably. In addition, Adventures of Der Kosmonaut isn't simply a political or news blog. Since 2011, it's been a multi-media blog where I have posted my poetry, stories and novels online. I have posted music that I've composed and produced over the years. Then there are videos of Spoken Word and music performances that I've done over the past decade that have been posted.
Another element to the success of Adventures of Der Kosmonaut has been music from other artists that I have posted. I've been a professional DJ for more than 20 years. I have posted music which reflects the general situation of the world today. I have also posted articles from other observers and websites to give readers a second opinion and to underscore my own previously written analysis.
Adventures of Der Kosmonaut is a labor of love for me. I have posted from many of the countries that I've resided in or have visited. Originally, idea of the blog was for it to be a travel site. I have spent months of my life putting it all together. I have never been paid nor have I ever received any money for the work that I've done.
In 2010, I served as the Political Editor for the now defunct The Age of Nepotism online magazine. It was the only paid gig that I ever had writing serious political and news content. Many readers of Adventures of Der Kosmonaut have asked why more alternative news sites haven't picked up my stories or why I haven't been writing for them. That's too complex to explain. Truthfully I don't know the answer to that. The point is that with all the quality writing that I've done, I haven't received any support or solidarity from the readers.
I have been thinking about ways to be able to generate an income from the blog. I thought about Google Ads but scotched that idea. "Posters and Bulletins" is my most famous poem. I simply cannot resort to advertising on my blog while maintaining my principles and politics consistently. Today, it's practically impossible to visit any website without advertising pop-ups in one's face. Even the best alternative news sites have advertising. I don't care how benevolent or how "socially conscious" a product may be but I simply can't stand putting ads on Adventures of Der Kosmonaut. Moreover, using Google Ads then places restrictions on the content. If I ever write anything controversial (which is almost always), Google Ads will intervene and make restrictions on content. Google is already the Master Spying agency for Totalitarian Capitalism. By placing Google Ads on this blog, Google will now record every keystroke. It's also irresponsible towards my readers. Google already tracks who visits the blog. By giving Google more control, I'm aiding and abetting in the construction of the electronic concentration camp.
In the past year I noticed how sites such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Global Research, World Socialist Website and Black Agenda Report make appeals for donations and make it possible for readers to contribute. If those sites accepts donations, why can't mine? Therefore, I have set up a Pay Pal account for this blog. On the main page on the right hand side under links, readers can click on the "Donate" button. Readers are able to make a donation either through another Pay Pal account, bank account, debit and credit cards. It's also possible to make anonymous donations.
Why do I need donations and solidarity from you? I'm truly one of the last Bohemian Nomadic artists. I'm simply not a "hipster" playing at being an artist. Being a poet isn't a "lifestyle" for me. Nay, being a poet is my life. My life as a poet means that I choose to live in contradiction and confrontation to the present world. I am more than simply a rebel. I am a revolutionary committed to the overthrow of Totalitarian Capitalism to replace it with a world based on solidarity, equality and abundance for all. I have seen first hand on my travels the deadly effects of war, tyranny and terror. I have seen it in the USA, in Austria and in Serbia. The more that I live and the more that I travel, the more I see how unjust Totalitarian Capitalism is. What's so maddening is how unnecessary the present world is.
My resistance to Totalitarian Capitalism isn't just simply rhetorical. I've long stopped attending meetings and conventions of various "anti-capitalist" groups. I've long stopped attending political protests. Nor do I simply expound on the state of the world. I try to avoid falling into the "paralysis of analysis". Rather, I live politics and philosophy in my heart and with my feet. As the header of this blog reads, I really travel the world not only in search of intelligent life but to build an international network of other individuals who feel isolated and concerned about the contemporary state of the world. In my travels, I have learnt so much about world history that would have never been gleaned simply from reading history books and essays. By traveling to Serbia and throughout the former Yugoslavia, I learnt not only about the foreign instigation of the civil war but also the historical origins which date back to the 9th century A.D. My travel through Portugal gave me fresh insights into Fascism and African colonialism which I had never known before. I have met the most brilliant and the wisest artists and intellectuals in my travels. Every person that I've encountered on my travels have indirectly contributed to this blog. The support and generosity that I've received from strangers that became friends and comrades is how I have managed to live and survive all these years.
Unfortunately, as Totalitarian Capitalism grows larger and stronger, the more it becomes impossible for me to live my life as a Free Artist. As most people know, we're living in an era of intellectual impoverishment. Over the past decade, there have been coordinated attacks against The Enlightenment. All of the most important intellectuals, artists and political actors who have brought about the freedoms and progress seen up through the 20th Century, have been discredited or subjected to malicious slanders. Postmodernism is mostly responsible for this but it's also the fruit of the Information Revolution. "Smart" machines have dumbed down the masses. Critical thinking skills, independent thought and intellectual non-conformism are both not wanted amd are systematically being banished. As Ljubodrag Simonovic has explained, Totalitarian Capitalism only wants "specialty idiots" and "Coca-Cola Intellectuals" whose only purpose is to maintain the subjugation of the masses within the spiritual orbit of capitalism.
In such a political and social climate, radical critical intellectuals are marginalized. While I sometimes lament that I was born too late, the fact remains that I'm skating on thin ice. This is the reason why I haven't written more on the blog as I would like. From 2011 to the present, I haven't had any fixed or stable place to live. With the exception of 2014, my living situation has been precarious at best. While I haven't had to worry about hunger since my return to the US, I still have to confront daily existential threats such as shelter and cash. There are no jobs to be had in the USA except for part-time or short term minimum wage jobs under inhumane conditions. Despite my education and quite formidable technical work skills, it's simply not possible for me to make a living. This is why I had to leave the USA. I have spent months sleeping rough in the USA. I've had to sleep rough despite holding down a full time job. I have been fortunate to rely on the kindness of strangers. This is why I'm presently not living on the streets or inhabiting a jail cell today.
What I do best is writing. The only chance that I have to survive is based on my writing skills. I have something which very few writers and bloggers have, namely an audience. I have a small audience but one which is international. I have a core consistent international audience of 2,000 people. If each one donated $1 per month, that would be an income of $2,000 per month or $24,000 per year. In US dollar terms, that's just above the poverty level for a single person. If each reader of the blog each month donated $1, that would enable me to eke out a living from my blog.
That's all that I've ever wanted. I never wanted to become rich or famous. I've never wanted to start a family, buy a home nor any of the other traps that capitalism comes up with to ensnare the masses. All that I need is one room with a kitchen and shower, along with an internet connection. My travel expenses have always been modest. Usually, it's the plane ticket that's the greatest cost. I have learnt to live meagerly. One of the great myths is that one needs lots of money to travel. That is manifestly untrue. Traveling is much less expensive than sightseeing. Anyone that has read my travel writings knows this. All that I want to do is be independent and free. I've already lived out most of my desires that I had listed at the age of 16. I wanted to travel the world and live outside of the USA. I've done that. I wanted to become a recording artist, music producer and go on tour. I've also done that. The only thing which I have yet to do is to get a novel of mine published. That will happen soon. Once I've published The King of the Woods my only unfulfilled objective will be the overthrow of capitalism for a new world to be built.
I need your help. I wouldn't bother making this appeal were it not for a mass readership that I have. There are many supporters and admirers out there. It's not only from personal friends and allies but also from those that have seen one of my Spoken Word performances or have even heard about them. It's from the thousands in Russia that haven't ever seen me in person. It's from the strangers that call out my name when I visit strange cities which I've never stepped foot in before. (When I was on the beach in Marbella, Spain passerbys from the promendade above called out my name even though I had been in town for less than 24 hours and had never given a public performance.)
If you support my poetry please donate. If you like my writing then please donate. If you want a different insight and analysis about the world, then please support this blog.
In return for your donations, I will make the following changes to the blog. I will submit a new original article, essay, poem or story each day. I will ensure that there's new original content for 6 days out of the week. Because I am now writing for donations, I will no longer re-post articles and essays from other sites or writers. The exception will be Ljubodrag Simonovic as he and I have an established working relationship. I am for all intents and purposes, Simonovic's primary agent to the English speaking international community.
I have decided that I will only write each day. It will be beneficial for both readers and myself alike. Readers will know that each day there will always be new and original content. For me, I will be motivated each day to do something. It will give direction and a sense of purpose. Because I have such few personal contacts with readers, I lose sight of my influence. I have no idea how much or in what way I affect the lives of my readers. Yet, I do have an influence that I have more than 2000 viewers each month.
Here is a list of many articles and essays submitted over the years to show you how essential and valuable this blog is.
After the Paris massacres on Friday November 13, 2015 I composed the poem "Lamentations From A Dying Planet".  After spending time around Silicon Valley and Seattle, became wise about the totalitarian nature of "Smart" machines in the poem "SMART?" The primary reason why I travel is to seek inspiration for my poetry and Seattle certainly worked as I described "Seattle Center Snapshot". Portugal also inspired my poetry. "A Sunday in Lagos" presents the scene. The city in North America which has inspired me the most was Montreal. "ST.CUM" is my most famous poem from Montreal. "Late Night In Rosemont" was one of the earliest poems that I wrote in Montreal. After I turned 40 in Vienna, I wrote "Transition" to reveal a new level of my consciousness and poetry. Though most of my poetry is serious, I do maintain a biting sense of humor as in this parody of marriage entitled "Unholy Matrimony". Though I have have traveled half the globe, I will always remain a New Yorker. Though I am a born and bred Manhattanite, I did spend some time in The Bronx which led to "Words From The Bronx On The Present State of the World" The most famous poem of mine in Austria, which led to me winning my very first poetry slam, and what I personally think is my best poem is "Understand Aufstand In Every Land". Though many Austrians and Germans would disagree, I speak German well enough to write poetry. "Kein Neger, Kein Nigger Elaubt" is a sharp rebuke of Austrian racism. "Das tödliche Wien" is my personal favorite German poem of mine. I wrote my own English translation as "Deadly Vienna". I still need to get a screenplay of mine published and produced. Here is an excerpt where I display some classical verse poetry in a scene from "The God of Earth". My most famous poem, which took me 3 years in 3 cities and 2 countries to compose is "Posters and Bulletins".
I haven't just posted my poetry but I've also posted entire novels on this blog. After Hurricane Sandy struck New York I posted the longest chapter from The King of the Woods in a post entitled "After Sandy: Memories of the Rockaway Subway". Also in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I composed a multi-media one act play entitled "Poseidon's Revenge". As I was in the middle of writing The King of the Woods back in 2008 I posted excerpts in a "Sneak Preview". While I was in Serbia I composed a short story set in Montreal under the title "A Winter Morning".
In addition to poetry and literature I have also posted recordings of my music career. I've documented all the songs which I composed and produced with PG2M.
Here are samples of my political and journalistic writing. I could barely contain my glee that Stephen Harper was defeated this past October in the Canadian Election. Before that I analyzed "Donald Trump's Reality TV Presidential Campaign." Here is an article on the woes facing the European Union. A month after the Fascist coup d'etat in Ukraine I wrote an "Emergency Commentary". During the criminal imperialist rape of Libya, I helped to expose how Black Africans were subjected to torture and genocide: "Black Libyans Placed In Zoo Cages and Tortured." In the first exclusive story broken by Adventures of Der Kosmonaut I made direct connections between the breakdown of finance capitalism in 2008 with the occupation of Epizentrum in Vienna.  In "The Lynching of Muammar Gaddafi", I explained how this unprecedented act of international lynching was an omen of things to come in the future. In October 2011 I described our era as "The Age of Revolution". In August 2011, I wrote "Reflections on the Current State of Global War One" . In the same month I issued the first ever "Propaganda Warning". Adventures of Der Kosmonaut was on the first English sites to warn explicitly about the dynamics behind the current crisis in Syria. My warning from August 2011 has been confirmed one hundred fold. I have written extensively about politics in Canada, USA and Austria.

The point has been made. For a decade I have put my heart and soul into Adventures of Der Kosmonaut. With more than 2,000 readers per month and more than 100,000 views over a decade, it's clear that I haven't been writing to empty space. If you want me to improve this blog then please donate. If you wish to see more content each day by me, then please donate. If you support my ideas and my art morally, then please donate. As it was written above, if every one donated just $1 I would be able to make a living from this and I will be able to do so much more with this blog. Please show your solidarity. Once again on the main blog page on the right under the header and under links, can one click and donate any amount that you believe the blog has value for you.
Finally I write out of love for my audience. I am very fortunate to have an audience. Without an audience, I wouldn't have any motivation to write and share my ideas.
Thank you very much.
-Der Kosmonaut
4 Jan. 2016
Ottawa, Canada

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