Monday, January 18, 2016

Global Race War and The Impasse of Capitalist Society

By Der Kosmonaut
18 January 2016
Ottawa, Canada 

  Europe is in the grip of a racial hysteria not seen since the 1930s. Instead of Jews being the focus of racial animus, it is now Muslims and Arabs from North Africa and the Middle East. This current wave of racist sentiment has been steadily building over the past decade, picking up momentum over the past five years reaching the crest of fascist hatred which is sweeping across the continent like a deadly tsunami.

  It began with the murder of the racist reactionary Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh by a Dutch Muslim who took exception to his religion and culture gratuitously insulted and maligned. This was followed by various campaigns against the erection of mosques in Germany. It spread to Switzerland with the ban on adding minarets existing mosques.  It's been the past year since the attacks against the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, which was followed by the massacres this past November. However, it was allegations of sexual assaults and robberies against women this past New Year's Eve in Germany which has triggered an outpouring a racial hatred, resentment and agitation against all Muslims that has manifested in frightening proportions.
  It's to be expected that the the far-right reactionary xenophobes would react with typical hatred. What is more concerning is how most "Leftists/Progressives" have reacted. All of the official parties of the Left from Communists, Socialists and Greens have jumped on the racist bandwagon. Most disturbingly is how many progressive commentators have come out of the closet with extreme racism. In this regard, this makes the political climate in Europe much deadlier and dangerous than in the 1930s. 80 years ago most Socialists and Communists disavowed Antisemitism politically. Today most of the political left in Europe has wholeheartedly endorsed and enthusiastically whipped up Anti-Muslim prejudice and Islamophobia.
  To make matters worse all these social layers vehemently deny that they've embraced racism. They do so on the dubious ground that they're only opposed to a religion rather than any racial or ethnic group. This is childish and clumsy sophistry. It's the equivalent of a child eating a jar of cookies and leaving one left in order to tell his parents that he didn't eat all of the cookies. We don't see any mass movements or protests against admitting Bosnian or Albanian Muslims from entering or residing in the European Union. The same people that have come out only against Muslims were almost universally the same ones that supported NATO bombings in ex-Yugoslavia to stop the non-existent "genocide" of Muslims in Bosnia and Serbia. Yet none of these social layers made a sniff of disapproval of the wars of genocide against Muslims from Afghanistan to Syria. As always with white Westerners, it's only "genocide" when those of their same skin colour are systematically murdered. For these social layers it's all right to discriminate, persecute and kill Muslims as long as they're not white.
  What we are witnessing are the manifestations of Global War which is more and more taking the form of Race War. All economic and political indicators reveal that 2016 is going to be a year which everything unthinkable just five years ago, will manifest. As Western capitalist society disintegrates with the attendant increases in crime, political instability and economic collapse, we will witness more and more ostensibly Leftists/Progressives and intellectuals stampede to the far right. As these social layers realize that Western civilization is withering before their very eyes, they will panic. They will want to preserve capitalist society with a hitherto unseen vehemence. They will cling ever more desperately to the state. They will hold on to Totalitarian Capitalism as a safety blanket. They will seek protection from the police and the military. In sum, they will sacrifice all of their principles of democracy and equality in the name of security. Those with children will become ever more obedient and submissive to state terror and repression in order to secure a better future for their children.
  There are a few concrete conclusions to be made:
1)We are in the middle of Global War.
2)Global War is being manifested into racial/ethnic conflict.
3)Global capitalist society is at an impasse.
4)The ultimate collapse of intellectual humanism and principles from The Enlightenment.
5)Things are not and will not improve economically or politically.

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