Saturday, January 09, 2016

Hempfest Seattle

The following poem was written on August 16 2014. I had arrived a few days earlier to Seattle from Portland. Originally I was only supposed to stay in Seattle for one night before receiving a lift to Chicago. The driver was a Ukrainian fascist and decided not to take me. I found myself stranded in Seattle. Stuck, I decided to see what was on the go. I went to Seattle Center and discovered the Hempfest. That year's Hempfest was particularly joyful as marijuana had been legalized in Washington State the same year. The event featured local Hip-Hop acts. I met a Seattle local of Asian ancestry. When I told him that I was a poet he wanted write a duet with me. Unfortunately, for the life of me, I can't remember his name. For the sake of it, I will call him Pete Seattle. Pete wrote the first line and then I wrote the next. Each verse was alternately written by each of us. Pete Seattle's lines are in plain text. Der Kosmonaut's line are in italics.

Our culture is shown there we laid with no concern

Our creative intellect is strewn. The death of capitalism we don't mourn

Death do us apart in this world we're flown

There aren't any mysteries unknown. 
Listen to the frequency tones

There once created stories for us to depart
with such concern could lead to another to drone

Charlie wants us to feel alone 
While we stare and he sits on the throne 

But once they got the Harley's on the dope
we went phone

While they steal we survive barely
against the ropes anger which we're prone

This dance we claimest brings upon the dopest
However it's on right equality the preamble
Just think we can be equal
Once we tamest what we hopest

The hostess with the mostess delivers to the hopeless
The host who's lost it all is seriously appalled

Talked are the one's we speak
However it's only right we peak

The cheaters and the scammers always on the sneak
But hit a brick wall when confronted by the freaks

The fact is is shown once its hid
They bounce back when they see my girl's tits

They can't take it and they go into fits
Cause they ain't got sense and they ain't got wit

Locked in trenches topped by they riches
only when we hopest Obama we're here
what religion with the popest.

Priests and preachers who say they're the holiest
Their theology reveals their clumsiness

Our time given to this society there we see a variety
Yeah just keep dieting Yes this was another rioting.
-Der Kosmonaut an Pete Seattle

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