Friday, January 15, 2016

Life After Death

This poem was originally composed in 1996. I've changed some words to better reflect contemporary social trends.

It is said that
The food we consume
Has so many preservatives
That when my generation dies there will be no need for embalming
I propose a toast over this Twinkie
Here’s to life after death

This generation has no god
Except Kanye West or some other You Tube denizen
Instead of priests giving last rites
We follow the way of Huxley
And pop half dozen sheets
Until we become like Peter Pan peanut butter
In a jar retained fresh forever
Here’s to life after death

We are not afraid of dying
It's believed that scientists are lying
About natural causes and biological factors
So we have eliminated death by natural cause
And replaced it with death by cultural causes
This is not a lie and the truth be told

A toast to life after death
When we die our bodies are tagged
Serial numbers stamped upon us
Culture produced this so that the work
Of serial killers and serial labourers is much easier
To life after death

Fear was used to justify hell
Happiness was used to justify heaven
We became impatient and brought them to earth
We get the best of both worlds and now able to choose before we die

God damn!
Consumer culture is omnipresent
Death is boring trite and cliché
Here’s to life after death

-Der Kosmonaut
New York, 1996
Revised Ottawa, 2016
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