Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The First of Aquarius

The sun is brilliant and blinding
The wind blows fresh and reviving
Five is the lowest number of layers
All bundled up underneath parkas

There's plenty of ice quite brisk
Not cold enough to take the risk
Of skating on the Rideau Canal
At least not for now

Some are into snow biking
Others into cross-country hiking
Most get by with their own auto
Many must suffer OC Transpo

It's the first day of Aquarius
Away and banish the ridiculous
Time to create make and invent
Towards the ultimate incident

The results of cabin fever in Ottawa
Sometimes can make a man holler
Freak out break out time to make out
What loving and living is all about

Renovation without reservation
Generating self propulsion
Regeneration instead of degeneration
Personal plural and social revolution
-Der Kosmonaut
Ottawa, ON Canada
20 January 2016

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