Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Notes On Contemporary Racism In Sweden and Europe

By Der Kosmonaut
9 February 2016
Ottawa, Canada

  The other week more than one hundred fascists went on a rampage in downtown Stockholm attacking refugee children and anyone that didn't look white. Sweden, like most of Europe, is segregated. On one hand, the European countries have never been serious about integrating immigrants since they were for the most part brought in as cheap labor to suppress the wages of the natives. Sweden has or had, fairly high wages for the Western world. The ruling class decided to reduce labor costs by bringing in immigrant workers. In 2004 a former UK cabinet minister from the 1970s admitted this on national TV. Pakistanis were deliberately brought to the North of England to undermine the wages of English workers in the factories and mines.

  Charles de Gaulle was the sneakiest of them all. After losing Algeria and most of the colonies, de Gualle paid thousands of the former colonial subjects to move to France to undermine French workers and to weaken the militant French labor unions. de Gaulle never even tried to integrate the immigrants but rather specifically built the housing projects which ring all the cities in France (the so-called Banlieues). The Banlieues served two distinct functions. The first was to isolate the Arabs and Black Africans from the rest of society. In this way the Banlieues function as Bantustans or Indian Reservations. This leads to the second function which was to re-create French colonialism domestically. The Banlieues serve as domestic colonies and the inhabitants are subjected to colonial rule. De Gaulle was forced to abandon overseas colonies so decided to import the colonies into France.
   Conversely, it must be said that many of the immigrants REFUSE to integrate. Yet they have valid reasons to a certain extent because no matter how much they try to integrate, they're still considered foreigners. I saw this in Germany with the Turks. It was bizarre to see Blacks and snows integrated socially in the parks, bars and restaurants in Berlin but the Turks keeping to themselves.
   Still this isn't the complete picture. For example many Black Americans that emigrated to Sweden did integrate and were initially welcomed but over the past two decades, they have seen that they are no longer welcomed. For reasons which can never be satisfactorily explained, Swedish society became racist. The same process occurred in France. Anyone born before 1980 had the impression that France was a much less racist society than the US, UK and Germany. But starting in 1994, racism became mainstream and discrimination became widespread.
   Interestingly enough, Britain has become more integrated than France but there's a key reason why. Blacks and South Asians took to the streets in the 1970s and 80s and fought. They confronted the state in the streets and made demands. Thatcher unsuccessfully tried to drive all the people of color out of the country. Finally by the 90s, the government was forced to make concessions.
   This brings me to the conclusion. The people of color need to organize themselves politically just as they did in the UK. Many will say that they're divided themselves not only ethnically but linguistically. But that's no excuse. It's true that the West Indians, Africans and South Asians all spoke English but the same is true of the Arab and African immigrants in France. Until the people of color organize themselves politically in Europe, they will be discriminated against and marginalized. They cannot rely on the "good" whites to help them. As I wrote the last month, many white "leftists" are showing their true colors.
  I was horrified 4 years ago in Austria when I realized that all these so-called "anti-capitalist" Anarchists were just as racist as the Nazis. I discovered the same thing in California. There's a race war between whites and people of color within the Anarchist movement in Oakland. Many so-called "anti-racists" have a different agenda. Their "anti-racism" serves as a disclaimer. That's not to say that they aren't any sincere anti-racist whites but certainly not enough of them. European communities of color need to organize with the quickness or they will be exterminated within a couple of years. Many of these treacherous swine left wing Zionists will sit back and watch or even participate. While they will never allow Jews be exterminated, they won't lift a finger to stop Blacks, Arabs et al from being sent to the death camps.

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