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While The World Goes Mad, I'm Far Removed

By Der Kosmonaut
24 July 2014
Port Mouton, Nova Scotia Canada

I've been in Nova Scotia now for 3 weeks following a month in Moncton. I've had very limited access to the internet, which is the reason why I haven't posted anything recently. I am writing everything down and once I have a few hours of unrestricted access, I will post all my impressions.
With limited access to the Net and none to the radio and TV I haven't been following current events very closely. I just read the World Socialist Website which gives a decent summary of what's happening. I'm also relying on the reports sent via email from my friends and contacts in Europe.
What I am reading is a world not only at an impasse but at a crossroads. From the debacle of the Austrian presidential election to the freak show of the American presidential election, it's absolutely clear that liberal democracy is in a terminal state and is about to expire. The so-called Brexit is the coda to the train wreck of the European Union which began in earnest in 2010. If that wasn't enough, there's the eruption of a racial/civil war which is escalating in the the United States.
Meanwhile, I'm hitchhiking around Nova Scotia visiting town and country. I'm in the friendliest region of the Western world. Here one forgets that the world is in tumult. Last night as I was camping at Carters Beach I wondered how it would be if Global War erupted. Would I hear sirens in the woods? Would I be able to hear the bombings of Halifax and other military installations? What if I woke up the next morning and took down my tent and went to find a cafe to have my morning coffee, as I've done each day, only to find that everything is shut down and there wasn't any Internet service? Would I observe the normally easy going, friendly and lighthearted Nova Scotians in an agitated state of angst and despair? Am I going to witness the end of the world in the most beautiful part of the planet?

Yet I go about my life and my travels nonplussed. I'm absolutely detached. I'm not fearful nor am I stressed. I'm cognizant that these might be the last days of mankind but I want to enjoy what's left of this beautiful and wonderful planet while I can.
For the past 19 years I have predicted and have foreseen this very moment of history. After years of suspense, it's finally here. Instead of saying "Told You So", I'm serene in the extreme. It mostly stems from the fact that I'm powerless to do anything about it. It may also be that I'm in advance stages of survival preparation. I've already endured the elements that nature has thrown at me and have remained dry and warm. My intuition might have sent me to the most remote parts of North America as a sanctuary for the global storm which we're in the midst of.
The stats for my blog have revealed a sharp spike in readership this week. This is a sign that people are wondering where I am and what I have to say about current events. I have really nothing to add. Readers can go through my archives over the past decade and see exactly how I perceive what's happening. There's really not much to add, without being repetitive.
In the coming days I will post my amazing adventures in the Canadian Maritimes. In the meanwhile, I'm challenging and learning quite a bit about myself.
Thanks to all my loyal readers.

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Anonymous Clarissa said...

I've had a similar feeling this year. Have detested living here since I moved here; only came for family reasons and have been itching to move for so long. And, somehow, this year has made it seem like one of the least worst places to be. I don't know how that happened, never thought I'd say it. I'm never more than a short drive into pure raw untouched nature. It must be instinctual to seek out nature when survival mode kicks in, even before our logical minds have caught up. You learn to survive the elements, not much scares you anymore.

Monday, August 08, 2016  
Blogger Der Kosmonaut said...

Thanks again for your comments Clarissa.
"It must be instinctual to seek out nature when survival mode kicks in, even before our logical minds have caught up."
You summed it up quite nicely. I left New York and the USA in 1997 because instinctively I knew that bedlam was approaching soon. I call it my natural radar. I could detect something in the air. Sure enough the 2000 US presidential election was stolen and then 9/11/01 struck. I was safely in Montreal when the latter ocurred. Indeed, in my first book "The Fall of New York" as early as 1997 I predicted a terrorist attack was going to strike the city in the near future. More recently I moved away from Austria and Europe because I detected a shift in the social and political atmosphere. Sure enough, three years later Europe is facing its gravest social and political crisis since the Second World War. That's why I wrote that I have nothing new to say about contemporary events. Over the ten years that I've had this blog, I've written exhaustively about nearly everything. Unfortunately, my writings and warnings fall on deaf ears. As Henry David Thoreau pointed out, "the masses are the asses". The good thing is that I have enough sense of self to ignore the masses and act to get out from harm's way. It's quite a lonely existence, not to mention depressing. With all the information and knowledge that I have, there's the responsibility to put it out there for the world. Whether the world listens or not doesn't matter. In the final analysis one has to live and be true to oneself. Luckily some people read and take me seriously.
Thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to comment. I get so few comments considering the volume of traffic this blog receives.

Monday, August 08, 2016  

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