Thursday, August 18, 2016

Soundtrack To My Travel Adventure To The Canadian Maritimes

By Der Kosmonaut
My journey to Nova Scotia will soon be coming to a close. I will post about my remarkable life changing adventures through Nova Scotia presently. In the meantime I shall share the soundtrack of the songs and sounds from the summer.

I was introduced to rapper The Classified and his track The Maritimes

When I stumbled across the one year anniversary festival of the Black Loyalist Heritage Centre in Birchtown, Nova Scotia, I had the privileged to see The Sanctified Brothers live.

The Sanctified Brothers were joined by the daughter and niece of the band members Reeny Smith who's been dubbed "the Alica Keys of The Maritimes."

Meanwhile I actually got to ride the ferryboat Joe Casey at Digby Neck between Freeport and Westport. I saw Michael Herminston perform the song at "Breaking The Waves" festival, which was the very first arts and music festival held at Digby Neck.

As I mentioned in my previous post about Moncton, the DJ at "Inspire" Festival played Yazoo and Tom Tom Club

When I was in Portugal "Ruby Dear" by Talking Heads was the appropriate soundtrack. This song goes really well along the rural areas of the Atlantic coast. While I was on the South Shore and Acadian Coast of Nova Scotia, the song was on my mind.

While I was in Yarmouth, I was treated to my first ever Seafood Boil. Clams and Mussels were cooked. When I traveled up the Bay of Fundy coast to Annapolis Royal, I was befriended by a young man who connected his rowboat to the back of his car. He rowed us out to the middle of the river to his sailboat. A couple of weeks before that, I went on my first ever sail race in Lunenburg. At the end of the sail race we docked and disembarked at a harbour bar called the Pirate Shack where we drank, cooked barbecue meat and smoked marijuana. These events reminded me of this classic track by the band Squeeze.

While I've never been a fan of Dire Straits, I do respect their music. This is my favorite song by them. It's quite popular in Nova Scotia. I heard it played in the various cars that I was picked up in while hitchhiking. A band at "Breaking The Waves" festival at Digby Neck played a cover of "Sultans of Swing".

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