Saturday, November 12, 2016

Against Clinton, Trump and Totalitarian Capitalism

By Der Kosmonaut
In response to my recent editorial some readers have taken me to task as being a tool of George Soros or a stooge for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. I most certainly am not. I didn't endorse Clinton. I have never been a member of the Democratic party nor have I ever voted for any Democrat politician outside of New York City politics. I've never voted Democrat for president, US senator or governor. I've been in political opposition to Barack Obama before he was elected.
The Clintons are are reactionary crime family. I was well aware that a Trump win would usher in the final and complete discrediting of capitalism and American "democracy". Clinton would've continued holding up the see through tattered rag that "democracy" still functions. With Trump, the fangs of capitalism are revealed. The masses now have no choice but to fight which will inevitably take revolutionary forms. The United States will have a civil war very soon. For the world, an American civil war, break up and collapse is better than the continuation of its endless wars of conquest, slaughter and plunder.
Hillary Clinton is just as bad and many ways worse than Donald Trump. Clinton is a warmonger and a murder. Trump is neither. The Clintons are probably more racist than Trump as can be seen by their political record over the past 35 years. Bill Clinton bears direct responsibility for the rise of Trump and the fall of the Union through his actions and policies both as governor of Arkansas and president. I want to see Bill and Hillary Clinton hang along with Trump and all the other totalitarian capitalists
All this non-sense about anti-Trump protests orchestrated by George Soros is absurd in the extreme. The USA has been heading inevitably towards civil and race war for some two decades already. Soros has nothing to do with these objective social and political developments that have been happening since 1982. There were many progressives, who while opposed to the politics of Trump, had hoped that he would win as it would spur political organization and help unify radical movements. It seems that it has. The social and political upheavals that are to come in 2017 won't be directed by Soros or by some other shadowy figures lurking in the background pulling the strings. They will be the organic authentic uprisings that won't be under the control of establishment protest movements such as Move On or Black Lives Matter or the AFL-CIO for that matter. This is another positive development. These various liberal groups and the trade unions serve to stifle the resistance of the masses against totalitarian capitalism. They will find themselves quickly discredited and sidelined. We will see independent community and workers organize themselves building up new structures.
With thousands of people presently organizing the succession of California from the Union, this recalls events after the 1860 election when South Carolina was the first state to succeed. The United States will fracture. Indeed, the USA is following the path of USSR. This will partly come about thanks to Trump being elected president. It will have nothing to do with Soros or the Democratic Party. People that don't understand this are condemned to be swept aside by the brutal force of history.
Again, I can't stress enough the need for social and political solidarity in the days and months ahead. It's the only way that the planet will survive.

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