Sunday, November 20, 2016

Enlightenment In Reverse

By Der Kosmonaut
  In this age of Enlightenment in reverse when the collective memory has been disconnected, one really wonders it they're in a cartoon. 20 years ago I first noticed how residents of New York looked more like characters out of comic book illustrations. Back then a friend commented how he watched the Atlanta Olympics and thought that he was watching cartoons.
  Depending on where one's technological perception is, the view seems to vacillate between surreality and virtual reality. In other words, from the bizarre to the absurd. Everywhere that I go on this doomed planet the bombardment of our deficient consciousness is all around. What's most startling is the technique to reduce consciousness to its most redundant.
  This is the tragic reality of this lamentable period in history. A repeat of the dark ages when wizards were the visionaries of society. When occurrences of natural phenomena were passed off as mystical. What makes our contemporary age worse and more corrupt is how our own perceptions, both imaginary and real, which we can comprehend ourselves, are packaged and resold to us as new and improved.
  The mass scale of humans losing their independent though is alarming. It's terrifying that some are not just losing but are surrendering their independent thoughts. It's time for us to disconnect the world of totalitarian capitalism, In these paradoxical times the need to connect the dots to see the complete image is the way to disconnect it altogether. Perhaps I am on too much reality and need a dose of virtue.

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