Monday, November 28, 2016

Police Brutality Bingo

By Eluned Jones
Police Brutality Bingo

It's a game that anyone can play
It's on at least three times a day
From Florida to Toronto
It's Police Brutality Bingo
It's in both official tongues
Montreal cops got guns
Just tune into the news
Any channel will do
Twitter and your Facebook page
And if black people don't wanna engage
You can comment without an intro
Police Brutality Bingo
So let's review the lingo
Police Brutality Bingo
There's so many ways you can win
As long as you have white skin
If you're ready we can begin
Just fill the reasons in
B1, he must have run
I2, what did she do
N3, shouldn't sell CDs
G4, the officer said he reached through the door
O5, it's their fault they're not alive
Bingo, they're not alive
He had something that looked like a knife
Shouldn't have carried the gun down the aisles
Shouldn't have played with the bb outside
Well he didn't look like a child
You can play the columns or rows
Police Brutality Bingo
Well he had a wide set nose
Shouldn't have worn those clothes
Shouldn't have worn that hoodie
Should have shown her ID
Should have kept her hands in sight
Shouldn't have asked for her rights
Was probably suicide
Shouldn't have been in that cell
The body cameras will tell
Oops seems that they were erased
Sorry the footage misplaced
Shouldn't have reached for your phone
Whatever you did you should have known
Must have done something the tape cut out
Benefit of the doubt
Even if the police were in the wrong
Only idiots don't play along
Should have shown respect
What do you expect
And on and on it goes
Police Brutality Bingo
We can go for the whole card
The police job is so hard
Shouldn't have stolen cigars
Shouldn't have been in that car
He's been pulled over many times
Shouldn't have committed those crimes
I always do what I'm told when I'm stopped
Hashtag all lives matter
Hashtag not all cops
Should have fixed his tail lights
Shouldn't speed when you drive
If their parents had raised them right
It's their fault they're not alive
It's their fault they're not alive
Then misuse a Martin Luther King quote
Police Brutality Bingo
From the bottom of the card to the top
How dare you demand no cops
Just wait till you need to call
The number of violent cops is so small
It's not the United States
We don't have the same problem with race
Shouldn't be ruining my commute
Can't support them with that attitude
White people just want to have a conversation
Seems like they just want segregation
Seems like they're the real racists
Why can't they just quietly sit
It's not the place or time
Why don't you address black crime
Well you call each other nigger
Rap music is the trigger
You shoot each other in Chicago
Police Brutality Bingo
White people you can teach your kids
It must be something that they did
There's always something you can prove
Did they reach or did they move
Were their hands up, did they freeze
Were they on their back or knees
Well then they're threatening you know
It's Police Brutality Bingo
You can get both diagonals
Shouldn't be acting like animals
They're just trying to sue for damages
His body was strong like a savage is
In the middle it's a free square
Their criminal record goes there
It's always good for a smear
You can always rely on white fear
You can always call in a threat
Think how many squares you can get
He was reading suspiciously long
Must be doing something wrong
Just didn't look like they belong
Better call 911
Nothing to do with me though
Police Brutality Bingo
Whole family can join in the fun
You can pass your racism on
And that's how the cycle runs
It's a game that's never done
You can hang your cards on the fridge
Free square white privilege
You can put them back when you're bored
Turn off the news report
Put Black people out of your mind
Until you're ready to play next time
That was such a long time ago
It's time to move on you know
And that's how this whole thing goes
It's Police Brutality Bingo.

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