Wednesday, January 25, 2017

An Exchange With Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

By Der Kosmonaut
  On 27 November 2016 I posted an open letter to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. I never received a reply from Dr. Roberts. In the ensuing period I have continued to read his articles. As with the first letter I sent criticisms and comments directly to Dr. Roberts via the contact form on his home page. On 23 January Dr. Roberts posted an essay: "Are Americans Racists"? He posed the question but never answered it. Dr. Roberts belongs in the camp that the U.S. Civil War was not about slavery. He actually denies that it was a civil war because: "A civil war is when two sides fight for control of the government. The Confederacy was not fighting for control of the government in Washington. The South was fighting to secede from the union in order to avoid economic exploitation." This is patently false. For example, the Yugoslav civil war of the 1990s wasn't about control over the government in Belgrade but was a conflict instigated by Germany to break up the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia through the secession of Slovenia and Croatia from the federation. Dr. Roberts insults the hundreds of thousands that were killed in one of the worst civil wars in European history. But that's neither here nor there.
In the essay in question Dr. Roberts writes something quite extraordinary: "The North inflicted blacks on southerners in ways that harmed prospects for relations between the races and gave rise to the KKK as a resistance movement."
Such an outrageous statement had to be challenged and commented on. What follows is my critique to Dr. Roberts, his pathetic response and my final rebuttal...

Dr. Roberts,
The title of your article poses a question: "Are Americans racist?" As always you didn't answer the question. Nonetheless I admire your novel analysis. American, in particular in the Southern states, racism is the result of the civil war and is the fault of the North. "The North inflicted blacks on southerners in ways that harmed prospects for relations between the races and gave rise to the KKK as a resistance movement." You write quite an extraordinary statement without elaborating and substantiating it with facts. Namely: How did the North inflict Blacks on southerners? You don't provide an answer. If Blacks were inflicted on southerners, how did that harm prospects for relations between the races? Again, you don't provide an answer. How did did the "infliction" of Blacks give rise to the KKK? Still no answer. The KKK as a resistance movement? Really? Resistance against whom? Obviously the KKK did not resist the federal government nor did it resist the Northern states. Since you didn't answer the question, I will do it for you. The KKK was a "resistance movement" that terrorized and killed defenseless and harmless Blacks who had just obtain their freedom from slavery and made into full US Citizens. Of course you omit that the KKK is the oldest terrorist organization in the country, if not the world. Your choice of words is telling. Southerns were "inflicted" by Blacks. It's interesting that you omit "white" when speaking about Southerners, as if there were never any Black Southerners prior to 1865! Blacks were freed from slavery, given the franchise to vote and hold elected office. Therefore by exercising their rights as US citizens, whites were "inflicted" by Blacks. Of course, you provide no historical facts or examples to illustrate this. Then you continue a ludicrous rant about "truth". I suppose that you hold an exclusive license about the truth. Statements are not facts. This is something that every English speaking child learns by 8th Grade. You throw a statement out there and don''t back it up with facts. Then you turn around and wag your finger to those who you accuse of denying the "truth". The is the reason why you will receive negative feedback. No doubt there will be your fellow Coca-Cola Intellectuals on the left that will attack you with nonsense. Unfortunately for you, there are a handful of political philosophers left that employ Logic. I've recently re-discovered Bertrand Russell. I often think of you when I read him. You're an intellectual pygmy compared to Russell. It's a pity that younger intellectuals haven't kept the tradition of Logic alive. This is something that you and I will probably agree upon. Postmodernism has destroyed critical thinking. Postmodernism was a frontal philosophical attack on Logic. Hence lies the conundrum for the contemporary Left. By abandoning Logic, the Left forfeited its intellectual depth and rigor. The problem Dr. Roberts is not the lack of "truth", though it's certainly an issue, but rather the bane of our disintegrating civilization is the lack of Logic. While you're quite selective with the "truth", you have possess an absolute lack of Logic. With friendly greetings,
Der Kosmonaut .

Dr. Roberts replied with two sentences:
"Obviously, you know nothing of the history whatsoever and are too lazy to inform yourself. So you ask me to give you a couple of years worth of  history courses."

I was compelled to reply to this pathetic reply:
"Actually, I studied History at Boston University and have continued study history since I ended my formal education. You reveal that you are incapable of an intellectual debate. Rather than reply to my specific criticisms and questions, you reply with an infantile insult. If you were truly a scholar, you would be able to defend your thesis. I wonder how you were able to obtain your Doctorate degree? How were you able to defend your dissertation?
So I'll try it again. You wrote the following statement: "The North inflicted blacks on southerners in ways that harmed prospects for relations between the races and gave rise to the KKK as a resistance movement."
I'll ask you once again to elaborate and explain that statement. I directly challenged that statement with facts that I have studied  Are you capable of doing that? I suspect that you cannot. I now understand why you declined to go to Oxford to debate the topic of whether 9/11 was a false flag attack or not. It's due to the fact that you're unable to hold an intellectual debate. When someone contradicts you, you react defensively and childishly. Rather than learning or listening, you react negatively to anyone that challenges your views. By your response, I can only conclude that you are a defender of the KKK if not a supporter.You have lost all credibility as a scholar and intellectual. I regret that I that re-posted your articles on Adventures of Der Kosmonaut and I owe my readers an apology. 


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