Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bad C Communities

The Townies of Charleston in Boston Oppose School Integration 1974

Beware of communities that start with C
Listen to this one and you will see
Districts and and neighborhoods beginning with C are reactionary
This is an account most cautionary

In New York there is Canarsie
Don’t try to buy a house if you are not greasy
If you do your house will be firebombed
Life there will never be calm

In Boston there is Charlestown
If you’re black you shouldn’t head down
Townies with bricks, American Flags and rocks will chase you out
The lads will look like New Kids On The Block

Though Chicago starts with C and is generally cool
Watch out for Cicero for all with you is through
A climate worse than West Side Story
Go too far on the El you will be sorry.

In Montreal, Quebec you encounter Pointe St. Charles
Where Irish bigots will endlessly snarl
Racist abuse and derogatory epithets
Making their victims feel impotent

So stay away from Pointe St. Charles, Charlestown, Canarsie and Cicero
Be the wrong person and it’s a rough roe to how
There is no reason for anyone to go
For these areas are provincial, reactionary and slow
-Der Kosmonaut
Montreal, Quebec Canada

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