Thursday, March 16, 2017


By Der Kosmonaut
 The sense of danger becomes acute as unease grows. There'a a growing awareness that our planet has fallen into a Black Hole from which there's no escape from conflict and destruction. It's one thing to anticipate and forecast the danger. It's quite another thing when it arrives. For even when one prepares for the worst, its manifestation is not any less harrowing.
  Just as forecast the US is in a state of civil war. It's a most extraordinary civil war as it's being fought on multiple dimensions. The Democrats are at war with the Republicans. The intelligence agencies are at war with the president. The president is at war with the media. Meanwhile, the citizens themselves are waging war against each other both virtually and in real time. The anti and pro Trump factions are entrenched. The other week saw incredible scenes of the partisans engaged in street battles across the cities and towns of the country.
  The EU is in the final stage of its terminal state. The UK and France are on the verge of civil war. The Balkans are on the brink of another catastrophic war. Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Montenegro and Macedonia have the daggers drawn at one other.

  Meanwhile Global War is being aligned in a perfect pattern. A contiguous delicate necklace stretching from Japan to Croatia is an intercontinental tripwire. Japan, North and South Korea, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia are all the stations along the Trans-War Express train.
  Meanwhile Latin America is regressing back to the old habits of dictatorship and the mass repression. The glorious Bolivaran revolutions which held so much promise a decade ago lie in tatters. Argentina and Brasil are back in the hands of the reactionary landowners. Venezuela (Which I had foolishly and naively and shamelessly promoted to the point that I was within a whisker of relocating there permanently. Thank the stars that my brilliant friend in Serbia talked me out of it.) is confronting mass starvation. South America has been left for dead.
  The most spectacular phenomena is the collapse of the Western intelligentsia. With few exceptions, the most critical intellectuals of the past decade have discredited and disgraced themselves. Many of them embraced and supported Trump. They slandered and maligned the anti-Trump protesters as paid agents of George Soros and dupes of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. It's beyond comprehension how these so-called learned men possessing doctorates and investigative journalists with decades experience believed the lies of Trump. Paul Craig Roberts and Eric Zuesse believed that a vote for Trump was a vote for world peace. Stephen Lendman was the leading defender of Trump against the protests. For Lendman Trump represented the "democratic will" of "the people", even though being fully aware that the latter lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million. People had a moral imperative to support Trump in order to save democracy. The most wretched of this lot remains Thierry Meyssan of Voltaire Network. While acknowledging the presence of Nazis and white supremacists in Trump's inner circle and cabinet, Meyssan insists that it's not enough evidence for him that Trump is a white supremacist. Again, Trump is the peace and anti-Empire politician.
  Yet they are staggered when their readers take them to task. It's beyond their grasp that their readership despises Trump and sees him as a threat to peace and human rights. They have unequivocally supported Trump's first travel ban against Muslims. Their only defense is that Obama had similar policies and people didn't object. The Russian intellectuals at the Strategic Culture Foundation support Trump and the European far-right. Trump, Marine LePen, Norbert Hofer, Gert Wilders are "patriots" and "nationalists" and erstwhile revolutionaries standing up against "Empire" and "Globalization". The far right are simply reclaiming "national sovereignty". The refugees flooding into Europe are weapons of mass destruction unleashed by George Soros to destroy Western Christian (read White) civilization. The Russian intellectuals favorably compare Trump to the seventh US president Andrew Jackson, ostensibly because the latter killed of the first American Central bank.
What underpins all these intellectuals is their racism. Multiculturalism has destroyed Western Christian civilization. Minorities have special privileges over the indigenous majority population. Minorities have been granted special rights denied to the majority. Hence this is how the coca-cola intellectuals brandish their democratic credentials.
  However Trump has disappointed them. First the intellectuals blamed the corporate news media aka "Fake News" for destabilizing Trump. Next, they blamed the mysterious "Deep State", namely the secret intelligence agencies for releasing the damaging and embarrassing leaks to undermine Trump. But once those excuses were exhausted and Trump is being Trump, the intellectuals express bewilderment and disappointment. Trump was just another con artist scammer. Well duh! Having been exposed as fools, the intellectuals have become unhinged and unmoored. Having been exposed as reactionaries, racists and coca-cola intellectuals, rather than engage in self-reflection and acknowledging their mistakes, they lash out. They suffer anxiety and despair. They redouble and reinforce their shoddy thinking and flawed reasoning. The double down on their self-righteousness. Finally, they blame their audience and the masses for failing to see "the truth". The collapse of Western intellectualism is complete.
  It turns out there's a Trump-Putin connection but it's not how it's depicted and spun to the public. Trump and Putin are financing and organizing a Fascist International. In the case of Trump he's the money man and political figurehead for Stephen Bannon. It's actually a Bannon-Putin Fascist International. The German news broadcaster ZDF has revealed that the Kremlin and Russian government tied banks have been financing the European far-right.  There's an important caveat that must be stated.. Putin is not a fascist. However, Putin is supporting Western fascist politicians to disrupt the EU and NATO. It's the most cynical power play. Putin reckons that since Obama and Merkel used Nazis to take over Ukraine to destabilize Russia, he would do the same thing to the West. Putin calculates that by financing the European far-right, all of whom promise to break up the EU and NATO, that this will relieve the economic, political and military pressure on Russia. In practice this would entail lifting EU sanctions against Russia and the retreat of NATO troops and military hardware from Russia's borders. It's a very dangerous and reckless game. Still, the blame must go to Obama and Merkel who instigated the use of fascists to advance geo-strategic interests.
For these and many other reasons we are in danger.

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