Monday, March 20, 2017

"In My Lockbox I'm Free"

"No point in running
You'll be hunted down
Do yourself a favor
Stop fucking around"
The lines above strike a deep chord in me. I've spent most of my adult life running away from New York, running away from the United States, running away from right wing politicians, running away from Western society, running away from capitalism. Ultimately I was running away from myself. The time to stop running is now. The moment to stop hiding has come. I've returned to the United States to directly challenge and fight against Trump and his gang of fascists and ultimately to do everything in my power to demolish totalitarian capitalism once and for all. The totalitarian capitalist concentration camp is all around the world. North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America are all under the same system of the dictatorship of finance capital. If it's going to end, it will take courageous, bold and fearless leaders with the experience and intellectual capacity as well as the understanding to survive outside the system. I hold all those qualifications. The world is a Lockbox. It's time to breakout of it. The only way to break out of the Lockbox is to fight within it. The capitalistically degenerate rulers have stupidly locked themselves in with the rest of humanity. They live inside their golden cage within the Lockbox. While I acknowledge that I'm within the Lockbox, I recognize and assert my individual liberty and freedom. The Future Is Now!
-Der Kosmonaut

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