Monday, September 17, 2018

Breaking My Silence

By Der Kosmonaut 
  The reasons for my many months of being silent on current events are manifold. The first reason is that I have resumed my music career after nearly a decade of dormancy. At the start of this year I had been on track to record my first professional solo album. As has often been the case over the past couple of years, my main collaborator, a Black Dutchman who was to be my producer, bailed out on the project. Two years prior in Ottawa another singer-songwriter that I had started a project with, unilaterally pulled out the way George W. Bush withdrew from the Anti Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2001.
  The sudden withdrawal of my producer derailed my entire agenda for this year. I had hoped to have the single "The Reactionary Anthem" released by May. The projected launch date for the album "Out of The Loop" was July. This was a serious blow to both my enthusiasm and momentum.
  Upon the collapse of the "Out of The Loop" project, I went to Zurich, Switzerland. I had been invited there to live in a squatted house. I was leery of the journey but had no choice but to accept the invitation. I had already been in Amsterdam for many months. I was cognisant of the fact that I needed to leave the European Schengen Area. In 2008 I had visited Switzerland. At the time Switzerland was not a member of the Schengen Area. I had assumed that this arrangement was still in place.
  The second reason why I have been silent is that I have been without a personal laptop or desktop since March. Two successive laptops broke down within weeks. My access to the Internet has been severely hampered as a result. While my housemates have allowed me to use their computers, I cannot take the time to write, edit and publish articles as needed. My only personal connection to the Internet is a cheap android. While I can type up to 55 words per minute on a qwerty keyboard, my timing plummets on a digital virtual keyboard. Sending text messages is an exercise in tedium. Mostly because I refuse to degrade and degenerate my grammar and spelling to illiterately written texts. My biggest conservative bone in my body is written and spoken English. When I spent part of my childhood in The Bronx, I was persecuted because I steadfastly refused to speak slang. I stubbornly spoke Standard American English. It's impossible for me to deliberately misconjugate verbs. I suffered beat downs and humiliations because of my English. Boys in The Bronx were staggered and dismayed by my use of so-called "BIG Words". I was assaulted and insulted for being a "white boy" and a "faggot". Therefore I cannot write using capitalistically degenerated American text code. The written illiteracy rate is staggering. For a recent example of this see "Hurricane Florenence".
  So with limited access to the World Wide Web and lacking the proper writing tools, I have been sidelined. However, I have been following current events very, very closely. Frankly; I'm terrified of the present state of matters. Most developments over the past 20 years have not perturbed me in the least. However, what's happening in 2018 is beyond my worst nightmares. We are witnessing horrors unseen since the 1940s. Not only has Fascism, National Socialism and White Nationalism become mainstream, the Emotional Plague is afflicting billions of non-white peoples. I watch with disbelief the international growth of Black National Socialism. Every country and inhabited continent is reeling from ethnic and racial violence. In one fell swoop not only international standards but the entire project of The Enlightenment has been destroyed. I fear that they have been irrevocably destroyed.
  I see a Western Leftist/Progressive milieu, whether "Anarchist", "Feminist", "Queer" or "Marxist" embrace totalitarianism. While I have long observed the reactionary trends of Postmodernism, it's disgusting to see individuals who I once admired and respected embrace hearsay and nonsense. Eight years ago I stated that the Left was dead. It has returned as fanatical vampire freaks who applaud and cheer on State Terror and Repression. I have seen old activists and once sharp social critics become complacent. Now their politics is not only engaged exclusively online but passively watching late night comedy programs. As David Byrne noted in "The New Sins" 'late night comedy writers keep a helpless population in stitches'. Vacuous and boring programs such as "Game of Thrones" consumes their intellectual and creative energy. The Quebecois film director Denys Arcand predicted this in his film "Days of Darkness"
  Speaking of dark days, freedom of expression is on its last legs. It will take some time yet before the World Wide Web is completely under lock down and control. However, what's taking place is the imposition of being under police detention and interrogation. Instead of freedom of conscience and opinion, we now live in the state of everything that you say can and will be used against you in court of law, kangaroos, opinion, gangs, cliques, etc.
   Finally I have had nothing really new to say. The good writer should go out of their way to avoid repetition. However, I have a big mouth which proves impossible for me to keep closed.
To conclude, I am on the countdown until my exile from the West.

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